South African Court postpones judgement on bail application (second postponement this week)

Four men in custody in South Africa have had their application for bail postponed yet again! They were in court on Tuesday of this week for their bail hearing and a decision was postponed until today and, yet again, another postponement!

The men are due back in court for another bail hearing on 23rd of this month.

We are increasingly concerned about the plight of these four men, Hein Boonzaier, Johan Prinsloo, Martin Keevy and Mark Trollip, as two of them suffer from serious medical conditions, and there are rumours that one of the four, Mark Trollip, was physically assaulted during arrest.
The men with medical conditions are, Hein Boonzaier who has borderline diabetes and needs a special diet to control his sugar levels.
Johan Prinsloo had strokes a few years back and needs a machine to help with his sleep apnoea.

We have already contacted the British government concerning the plight of white farmers in South Africa, and, should we hear further alarming news about the four men mentioned above, we may contact the UK government on their behalf.

In conclusion, we urge the South African authorities to treat these men humanely and with compassion. If their treatment falls short of what one would expect from a civilised society, we will most assuredly highlight the matter!

One thought on “South African Court postpones judgement on bail application (second postponement this week)

  1. The Boere Volksgenote are Treated like War Criminals, They are in Prison for more than 2 Weeks already, The ANC Terrorist Goverment deny Bail while the 4 Prisoners are not a Big threat to them. They treat the White Minority Group like Terrorist, we fight for Our Freedom. We are not Murderes or Butchers. more than 70000 Boere Volksgenote was killed by Africans, the State President Jacob Zuma was Singing a Song Early in 2012 Singing ” Bring me my Machine Gun” . South – Africa is a Genocide 6 . White People are Slaughtered the same as in Guarilla War Fare. The Communist SACP / COSATU / ANC Alliace want to Destabelize the Whole Contry into Chaose, blaming White Controlled Businesses and the Wine Farmers in the Western Cape. European Countries and USA must stop with Donations. Goverment Official steal Millions of Rands out of the State Coffers and Corruption is Rive. Hospitals let patients wait for weeks – Diabetes patient wait weeks for Doctors to look at his Leg, his leg is Rotting and nothing is done, because he is White. Discrimination against the White Minority Group is Rive. South-Africa is on the Verge of total Genocide ( Still Warfare ). The U.Nations are not saying a word, it seems to the South-African White Minority Population that it is Approved. Lots of Businesses are forced by the ANC Terrorist Goverment to Impliment AA // EE . South – Africa is the Crime Capitol of the World. More Whites are Murdered than in the USA / Russia / China. Do you call it Democracy. Yes it is Democracy for the Corrupt Goverment Officials and Criminals, the White Minority is a Suffering ( Death and Destruction ) of this Beautifull Country. We urge all the Organisations in Foreighn Countries to Stop Supplying South-Africa with Money that is not Spend on Social Projects. Why cant Sanctions be Implimented Against South-African Parlament Members that are involve in Hate Speech and Human Rights Violations Against the Minority White Population Groups. We Urge Groups and Organisations to come to the Plight of the White Minorities. Majority Rule does not work in a Country were the Minority are Discriminated against. Some how or Some where the Damwall will brake and Hundreds of People will drown………..

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