Marie Stopes international – death merchants in the cities of destruction!

John Bunyan, in his famous classic “Pilgrims Progress”, wrote of the City of Destruction, a city that was ripe for divine judgement. That vivid description can be applied to many cities in the world today, and Belfast is certainly one of them, having recently permitted a Marie Stopes “clinic” to open and ply their trade in destruction and misery.
Marie Stopes clinic is not the only lawless establishment in town, as their fellow travellers at the Brook Advisory centre and the Family Planning Association have been plying their scandalous trade for years (and received Government money to do so!) We hear much about the Jimmy Saville scandal but what about the afore-mentioned organisations? They are guilty of state-sponsored child abuse on a massive scale through vile sex education in schools and the promotion of sexual anarchy and a contraceptive culture which has robbed innumerable children of their mental and emotional innocence and their natural God-given reserve and embarrassment when exposed to indecent, vulgar images under the guise of sex education.
The Marie Stopes International organisation (MSI for abbreviation) in Belfast have stated that their “services” are for the over-16’s only and, whilst we are vehemently opposed to them providing “services” for any age group, it seems that one of their clinics in England have a different policy.A 15 year old girl, Alesha Thomas, died following an abortion at a MSI clinic in Leeds in 2009 and this tragedy shows that  a) they perform abortions on children, and  b) abortion is not safe. The tragic girl’s mother knew and approved of her daughter’s abortion.

Another horror story centres on MSI Ealing in London. In 2011, a gynaecologist botched a termination and left an Irish woman fighting for her life. The gynaecologist, Dr. Phanuel Darty, a Ghanain surgeon who qualified in the Soviet Union was struck off the medical register.
The Irish abortion lobby is demanding abortion rights for Irish women yet an Irish woman who exercised her so-called “right” to an abortion in England was left fighting for her life, which clearly shows that abortion can kill the mother and, of course, it is intended to be 100% fatal for the unborn baby.

A MSI clinic in Melbourne, Australia (the Maroondah clinic) which specialises in late-term abortions is a scandalous death centre.

In August, 2011, a woman was left fighting for her life after a late-term abortion in that clinic and in December, 2011, a woman died after a “procedure” at that notorious place. A doctor at the clinic was charged in May, 2011 after 49 women (approx) contracted Hepatitis C.
Some other statistics from that clinic are as follows,
In 2007, there were 345 late-term abortions – 164 of those were for psychosocial reasons.
In 2008, there were 328 late-term abortions – 178 were for psychosocial reasons.
We wonder, how many of these 673 abortions were carried out to save the life of the mother or to prevent her from taking her own life?
This wretched Marie Stopes International is now in Belfast.


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