Can two men marry, and have one, then two, sons? Only a depraved society would say “yes”!

Elton John and his live-in boyfriend have become “fathers” again, thanks to the well-paid services of a surrogate, the same woman who presented the pair of pretenders with their first son.

An article in the Mail Online reports this abnormal event as if it were a joyous one, as opposed to the grotesque charade that it is, AND the report describes the live-in boyfriend of Elton John  (David Furnish) as his “husband!”

There was a time when the Daily Mail was a newspaper with a high moral tone. Sadly, it is now in the same boat with all the other PC, pro-gay,liberal,multicultural etc media (it is a very big boat) and it, like all the others, is sinking rapidly.

4 thoughts on “Can two men marry, and have one, then two, sons? Only a depraved society would say “yes”!

  1. You do know that Elton John and his Husband are in a civil partnership which under the law of this land makes them significantly more than “live in boyfriend” whether you like it or not and soon they will be able to be married and be in all ways equal to you and your other half.

    The event is not abnormal as many couples straight as well as same sex make use of surrogates to compensate for their own inability to have children.

    Thankfully most of us live in this “depraved society” – which coming from you is a vote of confidence in it as living in a society which conforms to your way of thinking would be immoral.

    It is a joyous day when even the daily heil has shifted away from the values you represent.

  2. The story was fabricated. They came out and announced they have no second child. Be honest with your readers Susan, or else stop trawling the Daily Mail for inspiration to write your articles. Admit you got your facts wrong on this story.

    • Yes, James, we unknowingly posted a false report. We have posted a correction of the article on our blog. We are scrupulously honest and never knowingly post false stories. We do not “trawl” the Daily Mail for inspiration. Surely you will agree with us when we say that many (or most) of the subjects we write about have never (or rarely) been covered by the Daily Mail.

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