Pastor Miller Grand Jury date is 24th January, 2013

Mennonite Pastor Ken Miller is scheduled to appear before a Grand Jury on 24th January.

His recent appeal to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals was dismissed because the Government promised sufficient protection of the Pastor’s rights.

The primary purpose of the appeal was to obtain protection from the Government threat to ask for enhanced punishment if the Pastor exercised his right to remain silent at the Grand Jury hearing.

The prosecutor furnished the Appeals Court with a letter assuring them that he would not attempt to do that (ask for enhanced punishment.)

PS   We wish to thank Joseph Cook in USA for keeping us informed about developments in this case.

2 thoughts on “Pastor Miller Grand Jury date is 24th January, 2013

  1. Aiding and abetting in child kidnapping and depriving a child access to a legal parent are terrible crimes. I hope this pastor gets the sentence his crimes warrant. Up to three years I think.

    As I said on another thread

    “If your beliefs are contrary to the law and you act on them then you will suffer the consequences – just like everyone else.”

    Singing hymns outside court after he is convicted does not change the fact that a jury found him guilty and a criminal.

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