S.M.U.G Homosexuals sue Scott Lively – a portent of things to come!

Pastor Scott Lively is being sued by a George Soros-funded New York-based pro-homosexual “civil rights” group,  for “crimes against humanity”! The Federal District Courthouse in Springfield, Massachusetts,will be the venue this Monday, 7th January, for what “gays” hope will be the precursor of the “show trial” of the Evangelical Christian Pastor.

The Court, presided over by Federal Judge, Michael A.Posner, who is considered “moderately liberal”, will hear oral arguments from Pastor Lively’s legal team (Liberty Counsel) and they will counter the charges and file a lengthy Motion to Dismiss.

Homosexual activists, aided and abetted by George Soros, a multi-billionaire Marxist, and the left-wing Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), have filed the suit on behalf of a fringe homosexual group in Uganda  (Sexual Minorities Uganda or SMUG), and are charging Pastor Lively with,

“Violating the law of nations” AND,
Crimes against humanity AND,
Conspiracy and various “civil rights” crimes.

Homosexual activists are making the claim that Pastor Lively’s conversations and speeches caused the Uganda Parliament to introduce a harsh Anti-homosexuality Bill.
Although the Bill was never passed, they claim that its introduction led to attacks on the homosexual community in Uganda. They are suing Scott Lively in the US for these alleged (and often disputed) attacks in Uganda by others.

The lawsuit against the Pastor is asking for compensatory damages, punitive damages, exemplary damages, attorney’s fees and a “declaratory judgment that the Defendant’s conduct is in violation of the law of nations” as well as “all such other and further relief that the Court may deem just and proper”.


Homosexual groups plan to fill the courtroom with activists. Two websites (CCR) and homosexual extremist group Join the Impact (a particularly vicious group with terrorist-like activity going back years) have been issuing calls via the Internet to gay activist groups to pack the court on Monday.

In conclusion, a word to the complacent, unconcerned, ostrich-like Christians out there. Monday is Pastor Lively’s “day in court” for upholding God’s Word. We believe that soon we Christians will suffer severe persecution and many of us will have our “day in court”. When our summons comes, will we collapse, or will we stand and say, as Pastor Lively is, in a figure, saying, “Here I stand, I can do no other.”

PS  We wish to thank Mass Resistance for the information about  Pastor Lively’s situation.

6 thoughts on “S.M.U.G Homosexuals sue Scott Lively – a portent of things to come!

  1. “We believe that soon we Christians will suffer severe persecution and many of us will have our “day in court”.

    You believe many things but that does not make any of them true and I am of the opinion that this faux bleating about persecution is simply dishonest. In what way are you being held to account for your actions in any way which is different from anyone else ?

    christians are not suffering any persecution in the USA or in Northern Ireland – all that is happening is that you are not being allowed to get away with all the special privileges you have built up over the years. You cannot use your christianity as a shield against charges of hate speech, bigotry, prejudice and incitement to harm. If your beliefs are contrary to the law and you act on them then you will suffer the consequences – just like everyone else.

    No amount of ” “‘s or ad hominem attacks accusing people of terrorist-like activities will change that.

    btw I am sure Join the Impact will be interested in your accusations – I hope you have well documented evidence because, as you point out, they are quite capable of litigation.

  2. Susan is completely out of her depth with these people. I have posted this article on Join the Impact’s Facebook page. I hope Susan gets sued to the hilt.

  3. This is the reply to my posting this article on Join the Impact’s Facebook page:

    ” Her(Susan’s) blog post is pure cut & paste from MassResistance’s latest post. Considering MR is MA’s other SPLC-designated Hate Group it is the kind of drivel we expect from them.”

    You are guilty of plagiarising other people’s articles now for your blog eh Susan…? how dishonest!

  4. When someone breaks the law, they must be prosecuted, no matter who they are or what their orientation is. This “pastor” has repeatedly broken hate crime laws, so he’s getting his just deserts.

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