The battle for Mid-Ulster is about to begin!

Martin McGuinness, the deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland  and a man with a “friendly handshake” ( remember “that handshake with the Queen),  has resigned his Westminster seat and is no longer a Member of Parliament (MP) but he is still an MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) at Stormont and, of course, still the deputy First Minister (he likes the emphasis to be on the word FIRST).

To return to his “friendly handshake”,  he wasn’t very friendly towards a female television host in Dublin who asked too many akward questions during his bid (mercifully unsuccessful), to be Irish President just over a year ago. He asked to speak to her afterwards and she was left shaken (not handshaken) by the encounter. Oops, Martin, you forgot you were the deputy FIRST Minister and assumed an altogether more threatening persona and reverted to type (threats?!!)

Mr.McGuinness is in line to receive up to £53,150 now he is no longer an MP (from the British taxpayer, of course), despite never having taken his seat in Parliament but that didn’t stop him claiming parliamentary expenses including £21,300 in 2011-12. Of course, some would argue that he has forfeited his right to represent anyone, anywhere, because of his terrorist past and, we tend to this view of him and others like him ( and that includes loyalists with a terrorist past).
On 2nd January this new year, it was announced that Mr.McGuinness has been appointed Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead, an archaic English aristocratic title which means he can no longer be an MP. A strange title for a revolutionary Irish republican. Truly, sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction!

There will be an election in Mid-Ulster, possibly in the Spring, to elect a candidate to represent the people in that area and Sinn Fein (Mr.McGuinness’s Party), have selected Francie Molloy as their candidate.
Other political Parties will field candidates but, as SF have a majority, it will take a miracle to unseat them.

However, nothing is impossible with God and we believe there is a need for a Bible-believing Christian to stand, a candidate committed to bringing Biblical Christianity into every sphere of Government and society. Someone who will be for everything God is for, and against everything God is against.  We await the unfolding of events with interest!

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