Nicholas Berg, Jack Hensley, Eugene Armstrong, Ken Bigley and others – any hope of justice?

Iraq 2004, one of the most dangerous places on earth. The name of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was synonymous with terror. He was the self-styled leader of “al-Qaida in the land of the two rivers”. He lived by the sword and could accurately be described as the “butcher of Baghdad”, a merciless, savage, terrorist killer and a fanatical Islamist.

He and his group, Tawid and Jihad, were responsible for the kidnapping and beheading of Nick Berg, Jack Hensley, Eugene Armstrong, Ken Bigley and others. The horrific murders were filmed by the killers, the terror and suffering of the victims was surely indescribable.

After the murder of Nick Berg, the Bush Administration said that those who beheaded Mr.Berg would be “hunted down and brought to justice”! Were they brought to justice? What about the killers of Mr.Hensley, Mr.Armstrong and Mr.Bigley?

It is reported that the leader, al-Zarqawi, was killed by USAF on 8th June,2006, in a targeted bomb attack on a safe house, but what of the others, are they still on the loose?

Did the British government hunt down the killers of Ken Bigley? If not, why not?
Have the victims of the butchers of Baghdad been forgotten?

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