The Nutty Professor

Professor Richard Parncutt, an Australian who now teaches the Psychology of Music at the University of Graz in Austria is an Eco-warrior par excellence. He is a global warming enthusiast with a difference! He recently stated that “global warming deniers” (some of them at least) should be executed!

Well that is one way to deal with the opposition, execute them! How strange,that a liberal would call for the death penalty.

We are glad to report that the “Professor”  (an academic who obviously needs his head examined) has backed down and issued an apology and here are a couple of lines of it,

“I wish to apologise publicly to all those who were offended by texts that were previously published at this address. I made claims that were incorrect and comparisons that were completely inappropriate, which I deeply regret.”

Whilst this Professor’s mad ramblings are humourous and we hope his retraction is sincere, the story should cause alarm bells to ring, as we have just had a further glimpse into the liberal mind and it is ominous.

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