Wendy’s Swan Song!

We wish to inform the above-named commenter that we have “approved” her final comments on this blog (she posted three comments tonight, one of which we deleted) and we encourage our readers to view her comments, one she made about a post on our blog entitled, Oxford Dons and the Gender-Benders and the other comment was about our post entitled, Scott Lively does NOT support the death penalty for homosexuals.

Her comments are typical (and typically threatening) and, true to form, they include outrageous, disgraceful slurs and misrepresentation.

She has made her final comment tonight.

4 thoughts on “Wendy’s Swan Song!

  1. I read Wendy’s own blog myself and it is an excellent site, she is a writer of many years experience. I fail to see where her comments are ‘threatening’ towards you in any way, if anything she is warning you as to how you go about addressing issues here Susan. Wendy’s background involves the legal profession Susan, I think you should heed her advice, you have actually defamed people here in some of your posts I hope you realise. I think you should be careful, God wont represent you in court. You can choose whether or not to print this but I wont be bothering with this site any more; you are too hard-line in your outlook, too judgemental and as a Christian myself I feel you have lost sight of what it means to follow Christ, if you ever knew that is. Good luck with it anyway.

    • James,
      Perhaps you would care to read the archive section of Wendy’s site and look for her post about Jim Wells’ pro-life views and my comments in support of him. There you will find appalling verbal attacks on me from Wendy and her friends, including a desire to harm me (or worse). Her language is offensive and hateful. You should also read her most recent post about Irish bishops and her “advice” that they should “shut ******** up.”
      If you find such wicked views “an excellent site” then you are NOT a Christian.
      By all means, take your leave of our site and find one that “tickles your ears.”

  2. You perceive everything as a threat against you Susan, paranoid? I think so. You were completely out of your depth when you were commenting on Wendy’s article about Jim Wells. Wendy shoots from the hip but does not profess to be a christian at the same time, you however do claim to be one despite the derogatory way you write about people, so the cloak of hypocrisy fits squarely around you.

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