Yellow is Black in “Rainbow” South Africa! (ex-Mandela supporter leaves her “over the rainbow” illusion and delusion behind)

A lady named Sonia Hruska, who was formerly a consultant in the Presidential administration of Nelson Mandela, from 1994-2001, is now warning of White Genocide in South Africa.She has dispensed with her “rose-tinted” spectacles and now has 20/20 vision when it comes to the ANC and their Communist policies.
Miss/Mrs.Hruska who is a white South African was born in Victoria, South Africa, but now resides in the USA.
She states that, “After about six years, I realised something serious is wrong; the communist elements are taking over, it’s not what we were promised.”

Some of the issues she highlights, are the fact that whites were being excluded through affirmative action and black economic empowerment.
That Chinese were given “black” status so the four million whites were excluded and the Chinese were included under affirmative action as “blacks.”

A business owner in South Africa can get 25 years in jail for employing a white person.

The article about Miss/Mrs Hruska’s observations (and we will include the link to said article below,) includes a photo from the 1990’s which shows a Communist flag (hammer and sickle), and, standing in front of it is Nelson and Winnie Mandela and Joe Slovo, all three with fists clenched!

We wish to draw our readers’ attention to further facts she reveals in her article (should some of our readers decide against reading the entire article.)

A trade union for truckers in South Africa, called Satawu, carried a sign on 6/10/12 which read, “South Africa, for Blacks only.”

A favourite party-political song among the ruling ANC is “Dubula iBhunu,” which means “kill the white farmers, the Boers.”Former ANC Youth League chief Julius Malema and South African President Zuma both sing “kill the Boers!” in public.

Jacob Zuma is a member of the South African Communist Party.

Over the last decade, at least 3,000 white – overwhelmingly Afrikaner – farmers have been murdered in South Africa. The murders occur at a rate of at least one per day.
Nearly 80% of the victims are over age 60 but the killers do not discriminate against age, as two months old babies have been murdered and the murders involve heinous torture lasting for hours.

The Government denies that such murders are occurring or that they are aimed at white farmers. Instead they are reported as “robberies” despite nothing being stolen.

We (the writers of this blog) cannot understand why there is not an international outcry against the barbaric savagery that is synonomous with ANC rule. We suspect it is because too many people (world leaders included) are still in awe of Nelson Mandela and his monstrous ANC. Let them be silent but we will not be and we will continue to highlight atrocities in South Africa and that includes those carried out by blacks against whites, by whites against blacks and by blacks against blacks.

The link to the article about Sonia Hruska is as follows,



3 thoughts on “Yellow is Black in “Rainbow” South Africa! (ex-Mandela supporter leaves her “over the rainbow” illusion and delusion behind)

  1. Boere Vryheid
    Nog n VOLKSMOORD op hardwerkende Wit Blanke mense.
    Ons harte gaan uit na die gesin.
    Lyk in trein gekry
    ’n Metrorail-treindrywer van Pretoria is op Kersdag vermoor en sy lyk is in ’n trein naby Hercules, Pretoria, aangetref. JP du Plessis (58) is doodgesteek.
    Hou van · · Deel · 5 ure gelede ·
    18 persone hou hiervan.
    3 medelings.
    View all 6 comments.
    Mare’lue Turner Tweet from @DTNSouthAfrica
    @DTNSouthAfrica: DTN South Africa: Metrorail to halt trains in honour of slain driver: Metrorail will not operate in Gauteng on N…
    Metrorail to halt trains in honour of slain driver – Sowetan LIVE
    Metrorail will not operate in Gauteng on New Year’s Day in honour of train driver J P du Plessis who.
    3 ure gelede · Hou van.
    Elize Lindner Mense juis wanneer jul nie sulke goed verwag dat dit gebr, wees altyd paraat jy kan jou eie lewe red! wees hulle altyd een voor!! Al is jy by die werk of huis of op die pad!! Mense beveilig jul self! Ons is eindelik so nietig!! My hart gaan soo uit na die familie en vriende!!
    3 ure gelede · Hou van · 1.Stefanie Mans Seker een van die laaste blanke drywers wat nog oor was. R.I.V. en sterkte vir die familie!

    3 ure gelede · Hou van.
    Corrie Bezuidenhout skandvlek op die kamstige rainbow nation. ek is ni trots sa ni…want barbare regeer, moor, steel, verkrag. rand aan, vreet hul dik, ry met grand motors rond en steel jan alleman se lewe en geld.
    40 minute gelede · Hou van

    Just Translate into English, please…

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