The Spotlight is now on Grootvlei Prison, South Africa

We have obtained further information on the four white South Africans arrested last week in South Africa. Our understanding is that they are being held in Grootvlei Prison in Bloemfontein.We obtained this information from an officer at a police station in Bloemfontein whom we spoke to this evening.
He wanted to know if we were connected to the men in any way and we assured him that we had no connection and that we were phoning from Northern Ireland and that our only concern was for the men’s welfare, having read of their arrests on the internet.
He asked for our names, which we gave.

When he heard of our concerns for the men’s welfare, he told us their welfare is “fine.” We asked him if we could speak to the men if we phoned the prison. To this he replied, “impossible.” We did not phone the prison.

The four men are due back in court on 8th January, 2013.

10 thoughts on “The Spotlight is now on Grootvlei Prison, South Africa

  1. Please keep us Updated and follow the Story till the End please, so far the SAPolice does not make any thing Known on SABC 1,2 OR 3. Regards.

  2. Not interested in the welfare of black people there are you, nor the welfare of the millions of women and young girls who are systematically raped and impregnated by the militias in that continent either? I thank god only because they can access abortion.
    Yes I note you mentioned the case of the blacks being killed, by other blacks that is, but what about the blacks killed by WHITES Mrs WHITE…what about them? show us your concern about the black people murdered by white people Mrs White.

  3. At first, the organs of the Ministry of Truth such as Beeld reported (on its front page) that seven “alleged” and “suspected” conspirators were arrested.Then it was only two then again four.Every time the ANC loses support, they scratch out some “White Afrikaner right-wing plot” and parade the “villains” in front of the Proles so they can again appear as the “saviors of the nation”.What the regime realizes and certainly will never put out as “prole-food” is the fact that most of these so-called “right-wing plots” are nothing more than NI exercises. We see the so-called Boeremag trial on the brink of collapse due to the undue influence of NI/undercover cops in their decision process.”This is just another clear sign to try and derail freedom-seekers to obtain self-determination.”

  4. James, why don’t you show the world, the stats of Blacks being KILLED by WHITES?? On the other hand, shall we tell you the stats of WHITES being killed on a DAILY basis by blacks? Not only that, they hi-jack us, they rape us, the steel from us, and they assault us, on a DAILY basis.. Ignorancy is bliss, isn’t it James?

    • Sir/Madam, Thank you for your comments. However, we must advise you that the name you gave yourself contained an offensive word, although it was made to look somewhat different, and was therefore deleted. We welcome future comments on South Africa as we are very concerned with the situation there but please refrain from using offensive words. Thank you.

  5. Unfortunately the current situation in South Africa is typical the reason why those 4 men was arrested – ie., small groups led by one right-winged south african with the moral of a .22 bullet causing men with certain syndromes to pick up weapons and want to destroy the world, or rather save the world! Whites fighting whites – so much that they forgot to fight the so called enemy. How can there be piece in South Africa if there is no respect for each other or for the leaders of this country – calling presidents “p***”, b******* which our dear Mr. Mandela to die soon, calling him a terrorist! Use the name “kaffer” prequently and openly, calling woman sick names, id innocent people as traitors, swearing, etc. etc. This is people who don’t want to work towards a unite South Africa, people who don’t want to accept God’s creation to life together.
    The murders in South Africa involve certain people not each and every black person and therefore you cannot hate the world for “a” black person commited a murder.
    The 4 people arrested will be treated exactly the same way as each and every other person in imprisonment. Just as the Boermag guys who was imprisoned for a long period of time – the same. They commited a crime and must be punished for it!

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