Detained at Zuma’s Pleasure by the South African Police Service (SAPS)

Four white men are facing treason and terrorism charges in South Africa and are presently in police custody in a Police station in Bloemfontein in that country. It is possible that the men have been separated and are being held in different police stations, we simply do not know.
The men, Mark Trollip, Johan Prinsloo, Martin Keevy and Hein Boonzaaier, were arrested on 16th December, 2012 and, initially, their attorneys were allowed NO access to them. However, at least two of the men, possibly all four, were able to speak with their attorneys on Tuesday of this week.
We believe they will remain in police custody until 8th January, 2013, when they will be back in court.
Why are we highlighting these arrests?  It is because the South African Police Service have a reputation for brutality towards those in their custody.
We have read of cases of people being tortured whilst in police custody, so to hear of white people in South Africa being “in police custody,” gives us cause for concern.
It is our intention to find out where these men are being held and, if and when we obtain this info, to communicate to the SAPS our concern about these men, thereby making it clear to the Police that we will highlight any reports of misconduct/brutality towards these men during their time in police custody.



5 thoughts on “Detained at Zuma’s Pleasure by the South African Police Service (SAPS)

  1. Do you not have a concern for any non-white people in custody in SA?

    What you have written would appear to make you seem racist, Was that unfortunate wording or what you intended to portray?

    • Golfie,
      Yes, we have concerns for anyone who ends up in police custody in South Africa. Please take time to read one of our earlier posts, entitled The MacPherson Inquiry and “Racism”, in which we praise the courage of a black man and his two sons who were killed by fellow blacks in South Africa.

  2. If they were Arrested and they were not involve or the ANC Terrorist Goverment release them then Amnesty International and the International Red Cross must bring out a Report, this must go hand in hand with the Murders on Farmers in South-Africa that was Classified as a 5 in the Genocide Watchlist.

    Flemish Parlament itself must send a fact-finding mission to South Africa, the ANC Terrorist Government shows no Sympathy, the ANC Terrorists President earlier this year during a big event itself sang “Bring me my Machinegun”, he himself has not officially in the public mentioned that Task Teams will be appointed to the Genocide on the Farmers Compatriots investigate, they are soon to the South African Press to release of Whites who were arrested for attempts to Government overthrow, they are very quick to Right Elements to time, but when it comes to Farm Attacks hear seldom or killers were arrested, the murders at the Farmers find also the most barbaric way instead, I would like a Facts mission of the Flemish Parlament, Netherlands Facts Mission and a Facts Mission of the UN want to see in South Africa, this country as a group 5 According Genocide Watch geklasiviseer, border near a Civil War. And I will not even talk about the ANC Terrorists President, he the Parlament said that the Minorities Less Rights as the Meerrderheid. Minorities in South Africa have no rights, our Constitution provides that Cultural Groups of a certain portion of the population can claim on its own Territory, for the Zulu, Xhosa’s, Ndebele’s, Venda’s and many more were there before 1994 Territory given that they Could disestablish and stay current ANC Terrorists Government would not a nation state at the Farmers Compatriots whom a minority group are given, if you oppose or express it then you are doing Treason and threatened with Prison Affairs, South Africa is anything but a democratic country, the inhabitants of the country prefer the State President, Delegates elected within the ANC Terrorists Ruling Party State and Political Parties in the minority has no South Africa is not nearly a Democratic State, but look America, the Voters must indicate who will be the State President and a countrywide election is held. Why do not you ANC Terrorist State President on National Television in the Flemish Parlament the Next Question not “Do you Boer Compatriots as part of the inhabitants of South Africa? Why is there still Affirmative Action to 18 years – is the Affirmative Action not aimed at minorities not? Have National Television where hundreds listeners are singing “Bring me my Machine Gun”. I agree that our ANC Terrorist State by HRCSA prosecute should be what he wants with the machine gun makes ? If Farmers Compatriots in public must slogans sing “Let us kill all the Blacks” then they will immediately be shut and then it just a Racial Case. If so incur in South Africa and there is not a New Democratic Elected Government, will the Murders in South Africa increases. South Africa away with statistics or a murder committed indicate whether a white man by a black man was killed and Conversely. So what Statistics will he can show to Foreign? South Africa has the highest murder rate in the world, certainly more than in China the Largest population in the world, was clearly show it to you that imprisonment does not have an effect and assassins know that they Not Entered Times will be, let the ANC Terrorist State Statistics of what the Oplossyfer for Murders committed in South Africa and just the quantity murders per year, per day, per second. This is what we want to hear, the Farmers Compatriots do not want to hear it fell, it means nothing.

    Excusse the Spelling ,it was Translated by Google

  3. Chris Du Plessis
    The Afrikaner people of South Africa do not support this action by our ANC lead government against Israel.
    Henri le Riche
    Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon stated that “Unfortunately, the changes we have witnessed in South Africa in recent years have failed to truly modify trends in the state, and it has remained an apartheid state. (Albeit this time black)
    South Africa’s apartheid policy is currently targeting the State of Israel and the miners of South Africa itself. Instead of adopting a decision about Israeli products, the South African Government should have adopted brave resolutions regarding the thirty four innocent miners whose only desire was to improve their work conditions..
    David Blatt Dankie! Vandag ons tweede volke staan saam!
    ongeveer ‘n uur gelede · Hou van..

    Ben Wepener Snr Dit lyk my dit is weer net ons en Israel wat saamstaan, Israel moet duisende Visums reel vir Suid-Afrikaners, wat besighede het om eerder hulle besighede te verskuif na Isreal. Henri le Riche jy moet ons op hoogte hou. Wie kan teen ons wees as God vir ons is……….

    ʼn paar sekondes gelede · Hou van..

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