Goody Two Shoes OR the public humiliation of gullible men

In September this year, in Galway, Southern Ireland, a bizarre public ritual took place. Men discarded their shoes and replaced them with high heels, and “walked a mile in her shoes” (The International Men’s March to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence.)
The shoe sizes 11 and 12 were made and sponsored by a well-known supermarket chain (we will not name it to spare their blushes.) Men who registered for the event were asked to raise a minimum of 50-00 Euro (which would just about cover the podiatrist’s bill for treatment for the corns and bunions such a towering (tottering) walk would occasion.)
We have seen a picture of one of these marches which took place in Canada and there were sober-suited men wearing a dazzling array of colourful stiletto heels marching proudly after the Pied Piper (Feminism,) and it was a pitiful scene to behold, as men apologised for being men with every painful step.
These unsightly and unseemingly marches are the brainchild (monster) of one Frank Baird. He first proposed a “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” March in 2001 and many such marches have taken place since then. He was working with an organisation called Valley Trauma Centre (a rape crisis/sexual trauma centre) in the USA at the time. In fact, he had worked with them since 1993. The “Mission” of his campaigns/group is “Co-Creating a United Gender Movement – men will be a part of the solution to ending sexualised violence.”

We quote again from his website , “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes events are political and performance art with public, personal and existential messages .Our mission is to create a unique and powerful public experience that educates individuals and communities.”
Mr.Baird has a background in theatre and film and, in 2001 and 2002, he co-directed  a notorious “V-Day” production of Eve Ensler’s ” The V….. Monologues to publicise the work of his employer, the Valley Trauma Centre.

Back again to the march itself, some of the men don female apparel as well as shoes and even the emergency services are happy to be involved as was clear from website video footage which showed a Sheriff, and firemen and male nurses, all in high heels! How quickly could they have responded to an emergency?

We believe that these marches were conceived and organised to punish and humiliate men, simply for being men, and to further coarsen society and the feminist goal of a society of gender-benders. We believe that Mr.Baird has simply climbed on the feminist bandwagon, using the cover of a campaign against sexual violence because ” he saw that women had created a successful rape crisis movement and he was grateful to have been able to join their efforts.”

15 thoughts on “Goody Two Shoes OR the public humiliation of gullible men

  1. We’ve had those marches locally. They are totally stupid. Men who do them are totally stupid and wimpy. It does absolutely NOTHING to solve any problem, but it makes them feel good. That is the problem with liberals – they do a lot to feel good but do little or nothing to fix the problems, and usually exacerbate them.

    It’s the same with all the teenagers and college kids spending a winter night camped in a cardboard box so they can “better understand the plight of the homeless.”

    By the way, I think women who wear high heels are being stupid; they are not good for feet or legs, are impractical for any need to walk fast or run, and most women I’ve seen walking in them look ridiculous while doing so! I have seen many women trip and/or break the heels on brick walks. It is a fashion for fashion’s sake.

    If you want to stop rape and sexual assaults, then let the women carry firearms and give life sentences for rape. Then the sort of men who behave in that manner would think twice before trying.

      • Rape of men is extremely rare, and most often in prison. Men wearing heels and behaving like women do nothing to prevent any rape.

        Studies have consistently shown that the more armed a populace is, the few crimes are committed. That’s because the bad guys have no way of knowing who is armed and ready to blow them away. In your world only the bad guys have guns.

  2. So men are not allowed to defend themselves from rape because it doesn’t happen that often. Well female rape doesn’t really happen that often either so there is not justification for arming the female population on that basis. .

    In my world (Northern Ireland) only the bad guys have guns and the police and some farmers etc. Much better that way.

    • Golfieni,
      Thanks for misrepresenting what I wrote, which was something so easy a 2nd grader could have understood. I never said men should not be able to defend themselves. I was pointing out that your statement about men being raped had nothing to do with the topic at hand, and that rape of men is a rare occurrence. But my overall statement said to arm the populace – or don’t you think men are included in the populace?

      In your world you die waiting for the police. Over here we take care of the bad guys while waiting for the police. You can’t let bad guys just keep shooting people while you wait for the police. There are numerous cases almost daily of how an armed person stopped a crime and saved lives.

  3. “Rape of men is extremely rare, and most often in prison. ”
    So which is it Glenn, are men ‘extremely rarely’ raped or are they ‘most often’ raped in prison? men are raped in prison on a daily basis around the world so does that not count in your statistics? you cannot have it both ways. A 22 year old man was raped in our area two months ago, one last year and one was gang raped in 2010. Male on male rape is common, you are uneducated about this. You live in a bubble. You ‘take care of the bad guys’. I thought your god did that. Hypocrite.

      • No more or less than the heterosexuals who commit similar crimes unless you are trying to suggest that only homosexuals rape people.

        I have to say that was a particularly homophobic and prejudiced comment – even for you.

        • Golfie,
          Well, talk about ignoring that which is blindingly obvious! You remind us of the people mentioned in Psalm 135:15-18, which reads as follows.

          “The idols of the heathen are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands. They have mouths, but they speak not; eyes have they, but they see not; They have ears, but they hear not; neither is there any breath in their mouths. They that make them are like unto them: so is everyone that trusteth in them.”

      • You could try and converse in modern English. That post made no sense whatsoever.

        If we take Glenn’s proposition that male on male rape is extremely rare and that male on female rape is common then I assume you would agree with him that homosexuals are less of a danger to people than heterosexuals. It is also the case that male rape in prison is rarely carried out by homosexuals so in this case it is again the heterosexual orientation which seems to be the factor in these crimes.

        Of course to the unprejudiced (that would be me) it would be clear that sexual orientation has nothing to do with the likelihood of someone committing a rape and that only someone with deep-seated hatred of homosexuals would attempt to allude to such a link.

        • Golfie, what part of our comment did you not understand?
          Regarding males sexually assaulting other males, a comment by one of our commenters, James (on 19/12/12,)told of such attacks (please read his comment.) Now, once again, we ask, who do you think is likely to have committed these horrific crimes? We think we can safely say that women were not responsible, and we think it unlikely that heterosexual men were responsible, so who does that leave?

      • James said in his crimes list “men are raped in prison on a daily basis around the world”

        I said “It is also the case that male rape in prison is rarely carried out by homosexuals”

        You replied “we think it unlikely that heterosexual men were responsible”

        You either did not read what was being said or are ill informed as to the basis of male rape in prisons.

        I do not deny that male on male rape occurs and it is true that homosexuals have carried out such crimes but the inference you seem to be pushing is that homosexuals are somehow unique in this when in reality sexuality has nothing to do with the likelihood of someone being a rapist.

        You are the one who brought sexuality into it by your inferences which displayed, yet again, your deep-seated prejudices when you asked

        “James, you highlighted horrific crimes. Is there any section of the population you can think of who are the likely offenders in these wicked crimes? Could it possibly be homosexuals?”

    • James,
      DO you have a problem understang English? Male on male rape is a rare occurence in the real world. But it is not necessarily rare in prison. After all, no one has much of a way to defend themselves in prison. But on the outside people have the ability to arm themselve even if just with mace. Male on Male rape is not common in the outside prison world. Male on female rape IS common.

      God does take care of the bad guys in the end.

      A hypocrite is someone who claims a particular belief and yet acts contrary to that belief (the word comes from the Greek for “actor”). Since you charged me with hypocrisy, suppose you provide evidence for that charge.

  4. Glenn you get very defensive when someone challenges the narrow views you put forward, someone throws a ball at you and you throw a stone back, very childish, and you have no statistics whatsoever to back up your claim that male on male rape is rare unless you have access to crime statistics from all over the world. Stop making nonsensical comments about an issue you know nothing about, your logic is largely tempered by homophobia so is biased and therefore invalid. So is yours Susan but that is par for the course on this site.

    • James,
      Yes my views are narrow – “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matthew 7:13-14 My views are supported by Scripture.

      So, now, you charged me with throwing a stone – explain where I did this. You keep charging me with doing things (being a hypocrite, e.g.) and yet give no evidence. Making assertions without facts to back them up is not ethical.

      So now I have “homophobia” – the fear of sameness? That word was invented to marginalize debate, but the implication is that if one is against sanctioning homosexual behavior, then one must hate homosexuals. Non sequitur.

      Let’s see, one can read daily in the news of women being raped but rarely can one read about men being raped. That in and of itself should demonstrate that man on woman rape is more common than man on man rape. But all this is a red herring and has nothing to do with the article at hand.

      The point is that men running around wearing high heels so they can feel good about something is asinine. It does nothing to solve the problem of rape. I said a solution would be to arm women. Golfieni brought in a comment about men being raped – totally off the topic. My statement in response was that men on men is rare compared to men on women, but arm the populace.

      So, now you want to keep pressing the issue of male rape, as if that has anything to do with the topic!

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