Update on Sandy Hook massacre (and correction of inaccurate information)

Some of the reports we read (and included in our previous post) were inaccurate and seriously so, and we regret posting some details from what we now know were unreliable sources.
According to press reports today, the killer did not kill his father. He killed his mother at their home (NOT his father)  then drove to the school and committed multiple other murders.
The children who died were in the age bracket 5-10 (not 5-6 as we previously posted.)

To the best of our knowledge, the remainder of our previous article is accurate, but again, it is according to press reports.

23 thoughts on “Update on Sandy Hook massacre (and correction of inaccurate information)

  1. The report you gave was what was being broadcast all afternoon. It wasn’t until late in the evening that different reports were being made. We tend to trust the media’s reports on this kind of thing, which too often ends up incorrect.

    But in the whole picture, that detail doesn’t mean anything – the guy massacred a bunch of children. He was evil.

    • I haven’t seen any reports that he was diagnosed as evil. There is certainly some evidence to suggest that he was mentally unstable – and his actions would seem to be those of someone with mental issues. How do you diagnose someone as evil ?

      • Yes his actions were evil in the real sense of the word and looking at them from the outside but he was suffering from Aspergers and was very deeply disturbed. That does not make him evil – just ill. Your first post said he was evil – can you define how you come to that diagnosis ?

        • Golfini,
          I know people with Aspergers, and none of them would do such a thing. I know people who have lots of emotional problems, and yet they wouldn’t think of such a thing.

          This was not a spur-of-the-moment assault – it had to be well-planned out, which is the process of a rational mind. The only thing which explains such actions is the man was evil.

          I don’t want to hear any crap about “mental illness” – that is psychobabble. The mind is intangible and cannot be ill.

      • So you deny the existence of mental illness ?

        I did not say that Aspergers was the cause, I said he was reported to have Aspergers AND was very deeply disturbed.

        Can you point to the reports which state that it was premeditated and well planned by a rational mind as they seem pretty thin on the ground.

        I sense that your ignorance of psychology and your imagination are getting the better of you.

      • I have no idea how a mind that is intangible can be ill but I would assume that it is because the physical brain from within which that mind is constructed is ill. If you have studied Psychology for a decade and see no scientific merit in it then I can only assume that you do not have the necessary intelligence or training to understand it. Perhaps you could start with something simpler.

        Ah I have just seen the why you talk such tosh – the science doesn’t agree with your interpretation of your bible so it must be wrong. Talk about starting with a presupposition. That’s the argument the creation museum makes – Start with the bible and make science up to justify it.

        Your assertions about intangible minds etc are (as Maeve points out) total tosh and you provided all the evidence necessary in your links so there is no more work to do in providing concrete evidence.

        • Golfieni,
          Again you show ignorance. Long before I became a Christian I discovered the fallacies of psychobabble.

          The mind cannot be ill. IF there is an organic problem with the brain, due to genetic defect or accident, THAT may cause problems with the thinking processes. This is a medical issue to be treated by medical doctors. Clinical psychology and psychiatric counseling is all based on presuppositions of atheism, humanism and evolutionism, and absolutely no science or medicine involved. Call them “rent a friend” because anyone with common sense can give counsel. Did you even look at the links I provided? They demonstrate conclusively the origin of the psych field and even the harm they have caused to society.

          Try reading non-Christian books by those in the psych field who also decry the profession. Read stuff from R. Fuller Torrey, for example. He calls it “witchdoctoring” and he is a clinical and research psychiatrist who served as a special assistant to the Director of the National Institute of Mental Health for five years.

          You have been brainwashed to see the psych field as a religion with their practitioners as priests. Have you ever looked at the way the DSM has grown without any scientific research? Everyone has some sort of neurosis according to that book.

          The only ignorant one here is YOU.

  2. Glenn, you have really shown yourself up to be shockingly uninformed and ignorant, you speak about issues you have no knowledge of whatsoever and your degree is from the Susan White College of Absolute Tosh. Well done for displaying your ineptness to such an astounding extent.

      • I can’t wait to go into work tomorrow and let all my colleagues and clients know that they are all well and that all the difficulties they are experiencing are not real and those that are struggling with a whole manner of auditory, visual, kinaesthetic and other hallucinations not to worry because they are all made up. Mental illness does not exist. The psychiatrists that have spent years studying he science of medicine should forget all they are taught it is all made up. Think I might not do this. I might find myself in a position where Glenn should be – detained under the mental health order!

        Just goes to prove I guess that some people who are mentally Ill can be delusional like Glenn and have no or little insight into their own illness.

      • Susan. Please can you apply some consistency in your editorial policy. If I had used such derogatory terms as “jerk” to describe someone it would have been removed. Instead I used a term of endearment to refer to you in recent post and a colloquialism that is in frequent use in NI – love/ babes and you removed that.

        Oh well I guess it shows even further, as if we needed more proof, the true nature of Glenn. Glad to see he is modelling the behaviour of the christ he claims to follow.

        • Rob,
          We’re sorry you took offence at the use of the word you highlighted, which we assumed was a North American colloquialism mainly, although it is not a word we use in Northern Ireland. If you had used the word in any of your previous comments, we would probably have allowed you to do so.

          To return to the subject of mental illness, we strongly recommend that you read the links given by Glenn. Indeed, we would encourage all our readers to view Glenn’s blog, The Watchman’s Bagpipes. After reading Glenn’s articles on psychology, you may wish to comment further.

      • I notice you (Glenn) also got away with the word crap in this thread – a word I am sure being in common parlance here would be well known as an expletive referring to bodily excretions,

        Is there a different standard for christians swearing than the rest of us Susan?

      • In Northern Ireland the word crap is closely associated with excrement. Perhaps you need to be a bit more aware of things outside your neck of the woods. Having said that my experiences in America (which are significant) and having watched many American films would lead me to believe that they use the word in the same way we do which would lead me to believe that you are being disingenuous with your excuses.

        • Golfieni,
          Most Americans don’t base their language on what hollywood come up with. Besides, perhaps it is just your inference as to what anyone means by the word.

          My whole life has been with people who have used the word “crap” to mean any type of rubbish or garbage, which would include excrement. Don’t accuse me of being disingenuous when you have no real idea of the real culture. And by the way, the term originated from the game of craps!

        • Oh, so google and the internet are now the ultimate authority.
          Crap happens to be the term for “any throw that causes the thrower to lose at craps.” Since that was consider a bad throw, it was crap. The term is also used as “British dialect crap, craps residue from rendered fat,” again something not useful. The term overall has denotes some type of that which is bad, useless, garbage, etc. It can also mean excrement. To suggest that it can mean ONLY one thing is what is disingenuous, because you want to take offense and be a victim of vulgar language. Balderdash. I have never used that word for excrement, and I no one I know uses “crap” for excrement in their normal talk. Do some people use it for that purpose? Yes, but that doesn’t mean everyone does. So get off your high horse and quit whining.

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