It’s Official – The “Gay” Agenda is now UK Government policy!

The UK Coalition Government, led by David Cameron and Nick Clegg, is setting itself on a collision course with those opposed to “gay” marriage, as it continues to promote and legislate for, the homosexual agenda and its demand that deviancy be “normalised.”

The Government is, this week, preparing to launch its electorally and morally suicidal plan to legalise pretend marriage for homosexuals. A Downing Street spokesman said the debate on gay marriage was ” about how rather than if ” it would go ahead.

Today (9th December,) Senior Conservatives (Tories,) launched a new group to agitate for gay marriage and it is called, “Freedom to Marry.” The man behind it is Nick Herbert, a former Police Minister who is in a civil partnership! This group share Prime Minister Cameron’s view that Churches should be allowed to conduct gay marriage ceremonies, if they so wish, and those Churches that do not wish to go along with the charade should not be forced to do so.

How long will Biblical Churches have that liberty? Possibly that liberty will end when the first Evangelical church is taken to court for refusing to “marry” homosexuals who, no doubt, will be targeting Bible-believing Churches as a means to silence them or have them closed down. Remember how Christian Bed and Breakfast establishments were deliberately targeted.

David Cameron has said, ” I’m a massive supporter of marriage and I don’t want gay people to be excluded from such a great institution.”  A somewhat ironic statement from Mr.Cameron, as from time to time his support of marriage has been somewhat shaky (his own in particular) as he has obviously felt himself to be rather “institutionalised” in the state of marriage and has felt it necessary to exchange “intimate” text messages with another (married) woman. Did his wife know and approve? But Mr. Cameron is a “massive supporter of marriage!”

Boris Johnson, well-known for being both Mayor of London AND an adulterer is another Tory who is very supportive of the marriage state and he has found a natural home in that new “Freedom to Marry” group mentioned above, which is pushing for homosexual marriage.

There is some light in the encircling darkness in that around 130 Conservative Members of Parliament are unlikely to back measures to legalise gay marriage so perhaps they can delay the inevitable, but still it will come, and Evangelical Christians may/will eventually be rounded up as “enemies of the State” and dealt with accordingly for opposing the anti-God agenda being forced on society (globally.) We can expect nothing else from a totalitarian Liberal/Marxist/Multicultural State.

11 thoughts on “It’s Official – The “Gay” Agenda is now UK Government policy!

    • Maeve, you are obviously conversant with the “gay” strategy book, “After the ball,” by Madsen and Kirk, because yout tactics are the same as those suggested by them i.e. portray those opposed to homosexual practice as “hateful bigots.” You are parroting out their script and they would be proud of you. You are very useful to them in their war against God!

    • Maeve,
      We’re still awaiting your comment about the wonderful development of the baby in the womb. You’re obviously lost for words.

      By the way, provide ONE shred of evidence that we have ever written anything other than the truth on our blog.

  1. Susan I will give you one fact….no foetus has any right to grow in a woman’s womb any more than a tumour has the right to grow in someone’s brain. How do you like that then?

  2. A woman invites a fetus into her body when she has sex only in order to procreate – HER CHOICE TO BE A MOTHER – but when she has sex for her pleasure and only her pleasure alone a fetus is about as welcome as a brain tumour. Does your wife expect to conceive every time you **** her Glenn? do you EXPECT your wife to get pregnant every time you **** her, is that what you think sex is only for? Susan, do you **** Francis only when you want to get knocked up? you having ‘a’ daughter seems to explain a few things….Glenn, have you had either an unwelcome fetus or a brain tumour in your body? NO??? then BUTT OUT!!!
    not expecting you to publish this Susan but you and Glenn are both such *********** retards you both deserve each other.

    • Maeve,
      A woman invites the baby into her body ANYTIME she has sex. If she does not want the possibility of conception, then she needs to take precautions or be responsible for her actions when she conceives.

      I have continually maintained that there are two functions God gave for sexual relations – the unitive and the procreative. One can practice the unitive function while protecting against procreation.

      Your ignorance is astounding.

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