Savita case and a befuddled reporter and an exercise in backpeddling!

Kitty Holland, the reporter with the Irish Times who broke the story of the death of Savita Halappanavar now admits that her report was based on Praveen Halappanavar’s  (Savita’s husband) version of events. She further admits that there may have been  “no request for a termination.”

She was interviewed by Mark Coleman on Newstalk 106  last weekend, and was asked,  “You’re satisfied that he (Praveen) did request a termination?”

She responded with,  “Oh, I’m not satisfied of anything.” “I’m satisfied of what he told me, but I await as much as anyone else the enquiry and the findings. I can’t tell for certain. Who knows what will come out in that inquiry? They may come back and say she came in with a disease she caught from something outside the hospital before she even arrived in, and there was no request for termination. One may even wonder are requests for termination recorded at all in Irish maternity hospitals.” (end of quote)

How interesting!  So now Miss Holland is awaiting the findings of the enquiry  “as much as anyone else.”  It is precisely because she (and her ilk) were not prepared to wait for the findings of the various enquiries that the Republic of Ireland found itself accused of  “killing”  Savita Halappanavar!
So we suggest that you,  Miss Holland,  backpedal furiously, because you have a long way to go back, to engage in some “damage limitation.”

4 thoughts on “Savita case and a befuddled reporter and an exercise in backpeddling!

  1. It is with great sadness that I witness fellow Ulster Christians promoting an anti biblical pro choice ideology.

    Psalms 137:9 “Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.”

    You would do well to heed the word of our LORD!

    • James,
      Are you seriously accusing the writers of this blog of promoting “an anti-Biblical, pro-choice ideology”? If so, we challenge you to provide one shred of evidence to back up your OUTRAGEOUS comment.

      You do us a grave disservice, sir.

  2. The LORD is pleased when his commandments are followed. Not when we deign to wallow in the swamps, wrestling with his enemies as if it where for us to damn their souls. Nay, their corruption is evident and need not be contested. Claiming that abortion is wrong is against his holy scriptures. The Pslam is presented to you and yet you do not comment upon it.

    Following the scriptures leads me to deduce that abortion is not a sin. Those infants born of corrupted mothers must surely be spared the fate of an even more wretched life of inequitous chaos. Their deaths were surely condoned by our LORD. Our LORD can act through all men, he must puppeteer the fool as well as the noble. Who are we to judge what useth the LORD hath for strangers whom we do not even know?

    The LORD is wise and deliberates over all matters. Therefore it seems to me illogical to try and shame and castigate those poor souls whom he hath delivered to have their unborn babes destroyed. Might the LORD hath sayeth “these souls are too pure for this wretched world”, and limit their time dwelling to a mere few short weeks in the womb? Surely he loveth these souls more than ours whom he sent to struggle through the world until his final judgement. But aie, I should not dare to speculate what designs our LORD hath in mind, for my fallible nature shall surely come to nought ‘pon gazing skyward for their intricacies.

    The vacuous liberal ideology of “freedom of choice” is satanic blasphemy. Only the LORD choseth and only the LORD provideth the foundation for all earthly will. Why enter into ‘debate’ with the upholders of unprincipled sin? Why provide even the slightest unnecessary platform for their hysterical and selfish inanity? The weak flounder in the pot of their fevered wretchedness. Need we not stir it further

    By preaching that those whose mouths salivate at the thought of murdering the unborn should come to Christ, we only strengthen their resolve to flee from him. These upholders of ‘human rights’ have no soul or will to control their most base instincts. And so they come to the wise, seeking validation through strife. They only wish us to rob from them the judgement of God by providing it ourselves, so they can have a lesser enemy to spit in the face of. They can point their quivering finger and sneer, and for a brief moment they might even convince themselves of the lie that by defeating us they shall conquered the field, but no, the LORD watcheth and his judgement lies in wait.

    Nay, let them wander. If the LORD shall arrange it so their wombs do not bear fruit, it is no business of ours. Let us be thankful for surely he must have spared us the life of a great sinner. As for the mothers and abortionist doctors, they shall bear the account of their souls alone on the final day. We must stand our swords into the ground as they pass, lest we exhaust ourselves fighting battles the LORD has not set for us. Fear not that their ways will spread, for they can never touch the souls of the pure.

    So yea, I say you are pro choice for you are tied to what you condemn! I say you advocate the choice that abortion is immoral when the Bible contradicts you! Abortion is no amoral choice. The death of NONE are spared the arrangement of our LORD.

  3. I am a Christian, also named James who wrote about you gloating over injured firemen when that strip club burned down, and I think you and James are both very confused people. It always amazes me how some of Jesus followers take it upon themselves to condemn when to condemn is the domain of the Lord Himself and Himself only. Susan, you always take the moral high ground in your articles and I would like to to know how much do you actually do for your fellow man? how often do you leave your home and give money to the beggar, food to the homeless, understanding to those whose lifestyles you not only judge but condemn? I would like to know just how your life to date measures up to the judgement you always deal out to other people. Why do people like you claim to be followers of our Father and yet do so much to live contrary to what He teaches us to do? I know you are evangelical Christians, but that does not mean you should be totally out of touch with what God teaches us, and you are!

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