An Act of God! Strip club levelled to the ground in gas explosion

Yesterday (Friday, 23rd November), at 5.25pm, a strip club in Springfield, Massachusetts was levelled to the ground in a natural gas explosion. Eighteen people were injured, that is, 9 firefighters, 2 Police officers, 4 gas workers, a water-and-sewer worker and two other people. Here we see the goodness and severity of God, goodness in that no lives were lost, and severity, in that the building was obliterated.
For two years prior to this incident, a Pastor in Springfield has been leading his people in imprecatory prayers for their city and nation. These are prayers beseeching God to rise up against institutions and people who defy Him and His laws. However, such prayers also include requests for mercy for those involved in evildoing so they will not perish but will come to repentance.

The strip club was called “Scores Gentlemen’s Club.” Now there’s a misnomer if ever there was one!

Was the explosion a coincidence or an act of God in response to prevailing prayer? We believe it was clearly the latter.


20 thoughts on “An Act of God! Strip club levelled to the ground in gas explosion

  1. I disagree that this was an act of God, other than He let it happen. It is illogical to think that God would single such a place out when there are much more immoral and despicable places all over the country – let alone all over the world! As far as I know, there are Christians praying against this stuff where ever they appear, and they lead the fight to prevent them from being established.

    And how do we know a Pastor and his congregants started praying two years ago? It is very, very common for charismatics, especially, to make claims after the fact.

  2. As a Christian myself I think you should be ashamed of yourself for writing this. You are gloating over something where people were harmed. Jesus is not about harm and God is not vengeful. He is Love. You are not. God does not need us to beseech Him to do anything. he beseeches US! God does not act with violence, He does not harm us, people like you give Christianity a bad name. You have a low opinion of your fellow man, I will pray for you to find God as He is, not as you seem to see Him to be. He is not like that! God cares, He does not hurt his children.

    • James,

      I need to correct your ideas about God. After all, God does say, “Vengeance is mine.” If Jesus/God are not about harm, then what is hell for? God is love, but He is also justice. God acts with violence all through the Bible; Jesus acted with violence turning against the money-changers in the temple. If you think God doesn’t bring harm to His children, you need to take a look at how he treated Israel when they disobeyed. Or take a look at what happened to Ananias and Sapphira.

      My only problem with this post is that it make God out to be capricious.

    • James
      We cannot understand your accusation that we are “gloating” over this incident. You do not know us at all nor have you understood our post.Our point was that it could have been so much worse because it seems that that club would have been crowded later that evening and many could have been taken into eternity in a moment,unprepared to meet God. God was merciful to those people and we are thankful that no-one was killed and that none of the injured sustained life-threatening injuries. You do us a serious injustice,Sir, when you accuse us of “gloating.”

      Yes, God is Love but He is also Just. We read in Psalm 7 v.11,
      “God judgeth the righteous,and God is angry with the wicked every day.”
      In Psalm 76 vs. 7&8, we read,
      “Thou,even thou,art to be feared:and who may stand in thy sight when once thou art angry? Thou didst cause judgements to be heard from the heaven; the earth feared,and was still,….
      In the New Testament book of John ch.3 v.36, we read,
      “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.”

      James, does your Bible not warn of the judgement to come?

  3. I am just saying that you seem to be the type of unhappy Christians I see so many of. You find fault everywhere Susan, rejoice in what God has created, do not condemn. God is our Judge, no man on earth is. You interpret His Word badly, man creates hatred and sin, our Father gave man free will to do so and can only do so much to stop it. God is Love, God is forgiveness, God is not one of violence. Man is. You are not feeling Gods love, seek it I beg you and you will be new people.

  4. I see in your article no joy in the fact that people did not die but rather deep satisfaction that people were injured. This is not how Christ taught us to be. Christ befriended the Magdalene who men had used wickedly, he did not condemn her or scorn her, he befriended her. That is how one gets to Heaven, through love and compassion.

  5. That is a newspaper article, the media has the responsibility to report the news and is not using the story to make a point of our Lord having anything to do with it. You have reproduced the story to use here and you bring our heavenly Father into this near tragedy, He had nothing to do with this, it was an accident. Our God would not do such a thing. This accident has made you happy that this building, no matter what it was used for, was destroyed, people could have been killed. No person deserves to be killed or injured in such an incident, can you not understand this? why?

    • James
      You must desist from making your wicked accusations against us,and we remind you that there are laws against slander and defamation of character. We have heard enough and you are unreachable and unteachable.

    • James,
      Whoa up there, lad! This site’s reporting on the injuries had nothing to do with the joy of seeing the establishment destroyed. As was clearly pointed out, it was just the same as a news report. She even makes the point about the goodness of God that no lives were lost.

      Now, I would be ecstatic if every porn shop and strip joint burned to the ground! Does that mean I want people to die or be injured during the destruction? What an absurd charge!

      Your charge that people COULD HAVE been killed is adding to the scenario. You speculate what COULD HAVE happened and then make an accusation based on what COULD HAVE happened vs what DID happen. The point is, that the “joy” expressed is based on the elimination of the establishment.

      I agree that this was nothing more than an accident which God permitted rather than directly caused. But if God wanted to he would certainly directly cause such a thing and he would be justified in doing so just as he was justified in killing Ananias and Sapphira.

  6. I suggest you familiarise yourself with the laws regarding slander and defamation, you cannot write such articles and then use them to protect yourself. Please desist from using the name of God in relation to such terrible accidents. This was an act of misadventure, not an act of our God.

  7. Hilarious. Susie baby trying to make out that because of prayer God injured police officers, gas workers and fire fighters whose sin was out serving their community and trying to protect others. She is more deluded than I thought! Maybe Iris’s lovely psychiatrist friend could be of assistance……..

    • Rob,
      You are not at liberty to refer to me in such disrespectful terms. Would you address the female members of your family in such terms?

      The incident we posted about did not make us laugh; we viewed it as a serious, sobering, even frightening incident, and we write as Christians. We did not pray that God would take action against that club, as we live in Northern Ireland, and that club was in America, and we didn’t even know it existed. We received an e-mail from the pastor whose church was praying against the club and other places of debauchery in their city and further afield, and they were not praying that lives would be lost, far from it. Their prayer was for the destruction of the establishment, but not for the destruction of human lives. Rather, they prayed for repentance from those involved in such places.

      • Yeah. Often refer to my sister in such terms! You claim in your article that the distruction of this club was a response to prayer. By implication therefore you are also setting out that God deliberately caused innocent fire fighters, police officers and gas workers to be injured. You can’t claim that god caused the destruction of the club and not the injuries to the emergency workers! So why would god injure these emergency workers?

  8. Well said Rob. I am a Christian but I really take issue with people like ‘mrandmrswhite’ who claim to be Christians but do nothing other than find fault with people and condemn them for the very faults that our Father placed in them. God knows we are not perfect, God forgives us for our faults! people like the writer of this blog assume they know what God wants and they try to speak for Him…big mistake! ‘mrandmrswhite’ you cannot pick and choose how God acts in answer to your prayers, you claim you prayed for this building to be destroyed and think that because nobody was killed that it is fine? people were hurt, injured, and you put in capitol letters in your title ‘An Act of God’! – you blame our Father for this! how dare you!

    • James,
      You are breaking the ninth commandment. We never prayed for the destruction of that building, as we didn’t even know it existed. We have said this already, but we will repeat it again: We live in Northern Ireland, and only heard about this incident in an e-mail from an American pastor.

      James, your theology is off the rails. God doesn’t place faults or sins in people. People have faults and sins because we are born sinners, and we are sinners in nature and in practice. Adam and Eve were created perfect and sinless, but they sinned, and every one of their descendants have likewise sinned. And that includes you and us.

    • James,
      You are certainly making false charges about something not even mentioned. There is nowhere in the post where anyone is taking pleasure in watching people suffer. Taking pleasure in seeing an evil institution destroyed – a building which fosters immorality – is not the same as taking pleasure in people suffer.

      It isn’t our standards about what is immoral – God set those standards. Christians should always take pleasure in seeing evil vanquished.

      If God doesn’t not answer prayers which seek tragedy, they you are calling the Bible a pack of lies. Read the Psalms sometimes and the imprecatory prayers which are there, let alone in other places. And God answered prayers many times by vanquishing foes.

      NOW, I have already stated that I do not believe in any way that this particular incident was caused by God, and any pastor can say after the fact that he has been praying for the destruction of this facility. But the point is that you are misrepresenting not only what is on this post, but also what God would or would not do. And we do indeed have the duty to judge evil.

  9. Just as the Romans took pleasure in watching Christians being eaten by the lions, mrandmrswhite are Christians who take pleasure in watching their fellow man suffer because they do not meet their standards. God however does not. God is not like this. He does not answer prayers who ask for tragedies, He asks that we meet HIS standards, not those of mrandmrswhite. I take issue with people who do to their fellow man in the name of God what was done to Christ by his persecutors. God is judge, not man. You get above yourself Susan.

    • Scott, I agree. But I do not believe this was an act of God except by way of allowing it to happen. I don’t see Him directly causing this while allowing injuries to innocent people, nor is it reasonable to think he directly caused this when all across the nation Christians pray for the elimination of the local porn shops and strip clubs and they all still stand. I don’t see the God of Scripture being so fickle in His choices.

      By the way, great book you co-authored (“The Pink Swastika”).

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