Yet another rally for abortion in Belfast tonight, (the third since October!)

Pro-abortion feminists/anarchists will once again converge at Belfast City Hall tonight for yet another wretched rally for abortion. Their tactics are akin to brainwashing and desensitisation  i.e  talk long enough and loudly enough about the need for abortion (citing Savita’s case) and dehumanise the unborn baby by calling it a foetus or a cluster of cells, and, through saturation coverage of this case by  the liberal media, and emphasising the word “choice” rather than abortion, they hope to wear down your resistance to their dangerous agenda,  Mr.& Mrs.Public!

They are calling tonight’s rally ” An International Day of action for legal abortion”  and the organisers and supporters are,

Alliance for Choice

Belfast Feminist Network

NIC-ICTU  (Northern Ireland Committee – Irish Congress Trades Unions)

In light of the above,  we  say, (quoting the words of Pastor Robert McCurry)

Wake up Pastors! Wake up Christians!




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