You won’t FIND morality at the F.I.N.D Centre!

We visited a local library last Saturday and were dismayed to find a section of the foyer given over to advertising and promoting the AMORAL F.i.n.d centre in Enniskillen.

The word “F.I.N.D” is an acrostic and stands for “Fermanagh Information for Needs and Development.” Their age target is from 11-25 year olds. In 2010, the local press reported that this Centre was giving contraceptives  to underage children. We had a public Christian witness outside said Centre in June 2010 and again in November, 2010, because we wanted the public (and parents in particular) to know what was going on behind their backs.

The FIND Centre responded to our June 2010 Christian witness outside their premises by calling the Police! The Police routinely turn a blind eye to violations of the law on the age of consent, and, unsurprisingly, they did so when called upon to “move us on”,  as if we were the problem, despite being informed by one of us that the FIND Centre were breaking the law!

However, even if said Centre was not dispensing contraceptives to underage children, we would still be opposed to it because it is promoting the ideology of the sexual revolution through the pornographic materials it makes available to young people, samples of which were on show at the library we mentioned earlier.

They have leaflets/booklets from amoral organisations such as the FPA and Brook  and those booklets have contact info printed on the back directing young people (some as young as 11) to other amoral organisations such as LGBT groups  and a “sexual health” line. There is no mention of self-control, chastity,marriage, or the age of consent in their literature.

Sexual activity is encouraged and promoted as “normal” for young people and contraception encouraged and provided, to make it harder for young people (and older unmarried teens and 20’s) to resist the pressure  to become sexually active, pressure brought to bear by the adult sexual revolutionaries who are behind wicked centres like FIND, Brook and the FPA and their ilk.

Such places are recruiting centres where young people and children are recruited into lives of promiscuity and misery and there should be a public outcry against these morally corrupting dens. Sadly, the same amoral ideolology is being taught (deliberately or unwittingly) in school sex education classes and, indeed, sex education is nothing other than the State-sponsored and enforced moral corruption of children on a massive scale.


3 thoughts on “You won’t FIND morality at the F.I.N.D Centre!

  1. “Morality” – your idea of it – is old-fashioned, repressive and no longer applies. Teenagers are going to ***. The least we can do is provide the means for them to do so safely. And if the parents are so out of touch with reality as to forbid it, they’re just asking to be ignored.

    • So then, our morality is “old-fashioned”? I suppose we may as well just let everyone kill anyone they want to then, or steal whatever they want, have sex with animals and children, etc. Because our morality is “old-fashioned.”

      No, we have a standard for our morality, while you morality is nothing but your opinion vs someone else’s opinion, which means you have no standing to complain about anyone’s morality!

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