Did abortion activists have prior knowledge of Savita case?

A  leaked e-mail, dated Sunday, 11th November, 2012, indicates that the Irish Choice Network had been given prior knowledge of the Savita case, days before it hit the media. It is not clear at present just who leaked the e-mail. In the e-mail, the Irish Choice Network were advised that ” a major news story in relation to abortion access is going to break in the media early this coming week” and said the news would be the basis of a pre-arranged protest calling for abortion, outside the Dail on Wednesday.

The Irish Times did not break the story publicly until Wednesday,14th November,2012, and the story was written by Kitty Holland whose father is none other than abortion campaigner and well-known Socialist, Eamonn McCann.

See  LifesiteNews.com and their article entitled, “Abortion-promoters knew about Savita case days before media: Leaked e-mail” written by Hilary White, to read full article.

7 thoughts on “Did abortion activists have prior knowledge of Savita case?

  1. Eamonn is not an abortion campaigner he is a CHOICE for WOMEN campaigner – can you not get your thick head around that Mrs White? and what difference does it make who knew about this tragedy first… the rest is arbitrary. Your nose is out of joint because this is news at all…you would prefer women like Savita died quietly, without fuss and their families should shut up…eh? her mother said it the best…”In order to save a 4 month old foetus they killed my 30 year old daughter”…and she should know, she is the woman’s mother.

  2. Pro-abortion is a euphemism for ‘kill mothers rather than save them’…Savita was aborted, not that foetus. Face facts Mrs White.
    God help your daughter should she ever need a termination to save her life – you would oppose it and let her die…admit it.
    You can stop ME from commenting here Mrs White but not others; I shall simply up the ante on the number of sites I have been posting your articles on…that is why you are getting people commenting here…I have been tweeting your posts on Twitter, sharing them on Facebook, your misogynistic posts have been appearing on many Pro-Choice and Disabled Community websites and forums in the UK and abroad because I believe the people you target so ruthlessly should see what bigoted material you are writing about them. If you cannot deal with the heat then don’t play with fire….

  3. Us ‘pro-aborts’ see both sides….you ‘anti-choice’ have only one line of argument. Did you attend a vigil for Savita…? no you did not.
    You are another one who would sacrifice your wife’s life for that of a foetus.

    • Wendy,
      You certainly do NOT see the side of the right to life for the child. All you see is the choice to eliminate what is considered an inconvenient result of sexual relations. You want to have sex without responsibility for the life which may result.

      I didn’t attend any vigil, nor will I ever do so. I find them pointless, and in this particular case I am on a different continent.

      The whole idea of sacrificing one life for another is fraudulent. When there is an actual medical issue involved (which is rare), the primary thing doctors do is to try to save both lives. How they proceed from there is up to the doctor to make the best decision to save A life if they can’t save both. From all the research I have done on the issue, this again is a very, very rare situation. Under normal circumstances I would assume the mother would be saved, since usually she would have the best chance of healthy recovery. Even then that is not terminating a life, as in abortion, rather it is allowing the baby to die of natural causes.

      Pro-aborts like you don’t seem to understand the difference. You just want to make sure you can “clean up” after irresponsible sex.

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