The pro-abortion lobby and their crocodile tears for tragic Savita!

The facts surrounding the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar and her unborn baby are being thoroughly investigated by the Irish medical and political authorities, and, that being the case,  it is unwise to jump to ANY conclusions.

However, the pro-abortion feminist lobby have done just that (no surprise there), and have acted as judge and jury and pronounced “guilty” verdicts on the doctors, hospital and the Irish State. How “judgemental” of them! These are the women (and men) who shriek “judge not” at those of us who oppose their evil advocacy of abortion on demand (at any time during pregnancy.) Yet here they are “bent” on “judging” a case they have no personal knowledge of and, incidentally the word “bent” is the right word to use because the pro-abortionists are “bent” individuals, “bent” towards evil!

In the tragic case of Savita, they have found their “cause celebre” and they will exploit her case as a means to an end i.e  legalising abortion in the Republic of Ireland.They already have their sights set on Northern Ireland and were spectacularly successful in bringing the evil Marie Stopes clinic to Belfast ( and we have read a disturbing report on a feminist site that other clinics are planned for NI but we have no way of knowing if this info is reliable.)

We are saddened that this lady Savita and her unborn baby have died and we think it likely that the doctors did all in their power to save both but could not. The feminist pro-abortion lobby will continue to use this case as a weapon to beat the Irish Government (and Stormont) into submission. Anyone who has viewed the rallies (on the internet)  hastily arranged by the “pro-abortion rent-a-mobs  in the wake of this case (one in London and one in Dublin), will see the Militant Tendency and the iron fist of Marxism so inherent in pro-abortion feminism, on the faces of those now shedding crocodile tears.



6 thoughts on “The pro-abortion lobby and their crocodile tears for tragic Savita!

  1. You are a vile excuse for a human being Mrs White. Absolutely reprehensible. I am sure you are proud of yourself too. Satan would be happy with what you write.

  2. The media is not free to report whatever it likes as fact, there are severe consequences these days for that type of thing. The media have reported that the tragic death of Savita was avoidable because it WAS avoidable, the death of her unborn child was a certainty yet it’s ‘life’ was put before her own and to what cost?
    I attended Catholic church every Sunday for 15 years and although I turned away from the church the fundamental teaching I carry with me is that we are to love one another. After all, nobody is perfect.
    I find your posts to be very judgemental, harsh and downright un-christian. I recognise your point of view and I believe that you are entitled to it. I wholly support your freedom to choose religion, to protect your beliefs and to stand up for what you believe in but aren’t I entitled to the same? What about freedom from religion?
    I believe that everyone is entitled to live how they choose and make their own choices, as long as they are not impacting negatively on those around them. I wish you could open your eyes, your heart and your mind and understand the same.

  3. Mrs. White, you should be ashamed of yourself! No one is killing babies and Pro-Choice doesn’t mean Pro-Abortion; Pro-Choice just means freedom for women to choose; if you don’t want abortion, don’t get one, you immature drama queen! I’m sure Pro-Choicers have more sympathy than Pro-Rape, Pro-Forced Birth folks like you can ever have. That poor lady needed a life-saving abortion and the doctors wouldn’t give it to her, so that’s why she, along with her fetus, died…and all you care about is fetuses! Shame on you!

  4. Sarah,
    Not being in the hospital where decisions are made, and not trusting the liberal media to properly report on it, I can’t comment on this case.

    However, you attack Mrs. White for being “judgemental, harsh and downright un-christian” and while doing so are being “judgmental, harsh and downright un-christian.” Such hypocrisy.

    Your calling someone a “vile excuse for a human being” demonstrates what an evil mind you have to be so vicious against someone with whom you disagree, but yet has done nothing “vile” to anyone. You are the one behaving in a “vile” way. I’m sure Satan would be happy with what YOU write.

    Just like your cohorts you resort to ad hominem attacks – i.e. name-calling – rather than just sticking with the argument. But I have to point out that “Pro-choice” has always been a euphemism for “Pro-abortion” – period.

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