Obama victorious – A time to mourn!

We are sad and despairing this morning following news of the re-election of Barak Obama. Whilst we could not have voted for either candidate (had we lived in USA), nevertheless, we believe America  and its citizens would have been better served and better protected had Mitt Romney been elected. He is surely deeply disappointed and weary this morning.

The liberal establishment are naturally delighted with Obama’s victory, their man is back in the White House and we can expect nothing but more of the same socialist and amoral policies from an Obama Administration. A majority of Americans have once again voted for “the enemy within” and he is systematically destroying the America of its Founding Fathers.

Perhaps Barak Obama can spare a thought today for his late Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens. He is a poignant example of  President Obama’s foreign policy which left Mr. Stevens and his staff unprotected and sitting targets.  Such thoughts may not be welcomed today by a President intoxicated (literally or figuratively) as he celebrates the power and victory handed to him yet again by a sleep-walking American majority.

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