The Genocidal ANC and its “patron saint” Mandela

Bank notes in South Africa will now “pay” homage to Nelson Mandela as his face will be imprinted on future notes. Much of the world is still in love with the aging Communist and, when it comes to most of the fawning media, he can do no wrong. The horrible truth about Mandela’s “Rainbow Nation” is virtually ignored, but must be told, and is being told by a few brave souls and media outlets in South Africa and elsewhere, but few people have “ears to hear” when it comes to hearing the truth as they would rather be brainwashed by the liberal, left-leaning media who ignore or downplay the savagery and murder endemic in that country.

Dr.Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch, a non-profit group, went on a fact-finding mission to South Africa in July this year and, in their report, GW found that ” There is an orchestrated genocidal campaign targeting whites, and white farmers in particular.”
Genocide Watch developed a scale to identify the phases of genocide and South Africa has been moved to Stage 6 – the preparation and planning phase.

Step 7  – Extermination
Step 8 and final stage – denial after the fact.

According to experts, at least 3,000 white farmers, the Boers ( a Dutch word for “farmer”), have been brutally massacred over the last decade. Men,women and children ( including toddlers and infants) have been tortured and murdered in unspeakably gruesome ways. Other white victims (who were not farmers) have died whilst in police custody and as a result of police brutality. If a white man is imprisoned (whether guilty or innocent), he often endures unspeakable sexual violence perpetrated by blacks.

The Genocide Watch report, entitled, “Why are Afrikaner farmers being murdered in South Africa?” stated that,There is direct evidence of South African Government incitement to genocide.” The report further stated that ANC Government officials sanction gang-organised hate crimes against whites. Whites are portrayed as “settlers” as though the Afrikaner white farmers do not belong there.

The future the ANC envisage for South Africa is a totalitarian, Communist state. In this communist utopia, there is little or no room for whites nor is there any room for moderate blacks. Where are the anti-apartheid activists now, their silence is deafening!





4 thoughts on “The Genocidal ANC and its “patron saint” Mandela

  1. Flemish Parlament itself send a fact-finding mission to South Africa, the ANC Terrorist Government shows no Sympathy, the ANC Terrorists President earlier this year during a big event itself sang “Bring me my Machinegun”, he himself has not officially in the public mentioned that Task Teams will be appointed to the Genocide on the Farmers Compatriots investigate, they are soon to the South African Press to release of Whites who were arrested for attempts to Government overthrow, they are very quick to Right Elements to time, but when it comes to Farm Attacks hear seldom or killers were arrested, the murders at the Farmers find also the most barbaric way instead, I would like a Facts mission of the Flemish Parlament, Netherlands Facts Mission and a Facts Mission of the UN want to see in South Africa, this country as a group 5 According Genocide Watch geklasiviseer, border near a Civil War. And I will not even talk about the ANC Terrorists President, he the Parlament said that the Minorities Less Rights as the Meerrderheid. Minorities in South Africa have no rights, our Constitution provides that Cultural Groups of a certain portion of the population can claim on its own Territory, for the Zulu, Xhosa’s, Ndebele’s, Venda’s and many more were there before 1994 Territory given that they Could disestablish and stay current ANC Terrorists Government would not a nation state at the Farmers Compatriots whom a minority group are given, if you oppose or express it then you are doing Treason and threatened with Prison Affairs, South Africa is anything but a democratic country, the inhabitants of the country prefer the State President, Delegates elected within the ANC Terrorists Ruling Party State and Political Parties in the minority has no South Africa is not nearly a Democratic State, but look America, the Voters must indicate who will be the State President and a countrywide election is held. Why do not you ANC Terrorist State President on National Television in the Flemish Parlament the Next Question not “Do you Boer Compatriots as part of the inhabitants of South Africa? Why is there still Affirmative Action to 18 years – is the Affirmative Action not aimed at minorities not? Have National Television where hundreds listeners are singing “Bring me my Machine Gun”. I agree that our ANC Terrorist State by HRCSA prosecute should be what he wants with the machine gun makes ? If Farmers Compatriots in public must slogans sing “Let us kill all the Blacks” then they will immediately be shut and then it just a Racial Case. If so incur in South Africa and there is not a New Democratic Elected Government, will the Murders in South Africa increases. South Africa away with statistics or a murder committed indicate whether a white man by a black man was killed and Conversely. So what Statistics will he can show to Foreign? South Africa has the highest murder rate in the world, certainly more than in China the Largest population in the world, was clearly show it to you that imprisonment does not have an effect and assassins know that they Not Entered Times will be, let the ANC Terrorist State Statistics of what the Oplossyfer for Murders committed in South Africa and just the quantity murders per year, per day, per second. This is what we want to hear, the Farmers Compatriots do not want to hear it fell, it means nothing.

  2. Nelson Mandela sings with his communist comrades about killing white people.

    For decades the ANC propagated this extreme hatred towards the white minority of South Africa. Has this contributed to the extreme violence being perpetrated against the white minority of South Africa today?

    Q:What does “bhulu” really mean?
    A: Answer from by: Porgie (abridged)
    It does in fact mean “white people”.
    Black South Africans used to and some still call “white South Africans” boer. It’s a word derived from the Afrikaans word for farmer.
    “Ama” is the Xhosa prefix that means “a lot of”
    “bhulu” is the Xhosa word for “boer”
    The Xhosa people have a difficult time pronouncing “R”, because the Xhosa pronounce this letter as the “ch” in Reich. They therefore substituted the “r” at the end of “boer” with the letter ”L”. Lastly the “oe” sound is in fact “oo” as in moo or goo. The Xhosa people substituted this sound with the letter “u”.
    So a direct translation should really be “boers”, the plural for “boer”
    Definition of “boer”: (NOUN: A Dutch colonist or descendant of a Dutch colonist in South Africa. ETYMOLOGY: Afrikaans, from Dutch, farmer, from Middle Dutch gheboer, peasant; see bheu- in Indo-European roots)
    And that’s the story of “amabhulu”. Some may find it offensive and some may translate it as negative.
    I’m a language practitioner with majors in Afrikaans/Dutch and Xhosa. (by Porgie)

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