Terrorist killing in Northern Ireland but “peace process” train won’t be de-railed!

Terrorists have struck again in Northern Ireland, killing a Prison Officer, Mr. David Black, who was ambushed on the M1 motorway this morning as he made his way to work. Mr.Black was aged 52, a married man with a family. Republican “dissidents” are the suspects in the murder.

Why is the word “dissidents” used to describe terrorists? The IRA were not described as “dissidents” nor were Loyalist paramilitaries described as such. They were (and are) terrorists/paramilitaries. Is it because evildoers on both sides have been brought in from the cold, embraced and rewarded in and by the Belfast Appeasement (oops Agreement) and now find descriptions of their “past” activities as “terrorism” an affront to their now delicate sensibilities?

The violence of the last 40 years (approx) is now referred to as “the conflict”, not as it was in reality, a terrorist campaign. This is a euphemism, just as “dissident” is a euphemism for today’s terrorist. If the killers who struck today were described as terrorists, the public might question the myth they are almost daily spoon-fed by the media  and those sailing in the “Good Ship Stormont”, i.e., that we are in a “new” Northern Ireland where “peace” has broken out.

We are now living in a supposedly “normal” society and it is this mindset that is putting the lives of prison officers and police officers at risk.  Finlay Spratt, the head of the Prison Officers Association, said, ” They have stripped away all the security around prison officers. They treat us now as if we live in normal society.”

Mr. Black, the prison officer murdered today, worked at Maghaberry, Northern Ireland’s maximum security prison. At present, there are ongoing protests in the prison by Continuity IRA and other ” dissident ” republican inmates. Their “protests” include the disgusting practice of throwing human excrement outside their cells onto corridors.

Two terrorist organisations operating in Northern and Southern Ireland are the Real IRA and Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) and they joined forces in July this year and will be known as the IRA! This should come as no surprise because a high profile republican said some time ago that “they haven’t gone away you know.”


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