The Judge from whom wrong judgment proceedeth (see Habakkuk ch.1 v.4)

Belfast High Court Justice Seamus Treacy handed victory to those living in sin i.e unmarried,cohabiting heterosexual couples AND homosexual couples,  in a judgment that rejected a 1987 Adoption law that prohibited both groups from adopting children. The Judge believes that both groups should be allowed to adopt children.

However, in his judgment, Mr.Justice Treacy has set himself against the Word of the Judge of all the earth, the Almighty God, who has clearly stated that homosexual practice is sinful AND that marriage is honourable in all and that the marriage bed ( and ONLY the marriage bed ) is undefiled, thereby ruling out forever the adoption of children by the above-mentioned groups of people unless and until they repent and forsake their sinful practices and lifestyle.

The judgment of Judge Treacy has of course, , been welcomed by homosexuals in civil partnerships and by men and women who live together and have a sexual relationship without a licence. Their lifestyles and sexual behaviour have been given a “JUDICIAL” stamp of approval. We will write a further post about this matter as it has alarming consequences for vulnerable children who are at the “mercy” of  many politically correct social workers who are more concerned about the “rights” of homosexuals and heterosexual “partners” than the rights and needs of children to be placed with married, faithful, trustworthy  married couples (one man with one woman.)

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