“Fun” at Mrs.White’s expense!

Recently, I discovered that some people were “discussing” comments I made during phone-in radio programmes on the BBC. Their comments about me are on an online BBC programme discussion thread. The theme of  one particular discussion thread was,  “Jobs Mrs.White would be good at!”

Here are some suggestions as to occupations they thought me eminently suitable to apply for, ( I have not corrected any mis-spellings.)

Wheel clamper

Jim Allister’s PA

Kamp Kommandant

A server in a Bangladesh McDonald’s

Souring cream

Chief lemon taster in a bitter lemonade factory

Oh dear,  I’m not popular!!

I share the above for two reasons,  1. Some of the suggestions are funny. 2. On a more serious note, the above shows that when Christians do speak out on moral and religious issues, they are “fair game” for criticism and hostility and  must be prepared to be pilloried and held up as a figure of fun!

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