Emily’s Murderous List

In 1984, Ellen Malcolm, an heiress of one of the founders of IBM, founded “Emily’s List”. The word “Emily” is an acronym for “Early Money is Like Yeast” i.e  it raises dough (money). It was/is a network to raise money for pro-abortion female Democrat candidates and support the election of such to public office.

Emily’s List UK was launched on February 6th, 1993 and its sister organisation is the Labour Women’s Network (no surprise there.)  In the US, a candidate must support the abortion of a full-term baby right up to the moment of birth, if she wants to have the financial and political support of Emily’s List.

Murder is punishable by death in some US states, yet these women must support the murder of unborn children before their names are added to this despicable list. We can be sure that most of the women on it believe in “diversity, equality, female superiority, dismantling the patriarchy, gay rights (including gay marriage), global warming, animal rights, immigrants rights (including illegals), criminal’s rights, and black’s rights and on and on it goes, but the unborn child has no rights  accorded to him/her,  and no protection from, Emily’s List!

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