The Magnificent Seven (and we don’t mean the movie!)

Yesterday, we travelled approx 90 miles to Belfast to oppose a pro-abortion rally outside the City Hall. We were joined by a couple who travelled over from Scotland to stand with us, and three others, one of whom had travelled some distance, increased our number to seven. We had informed some Pastors/Ministers and other Christians about this rally and stressed the need for a Christian witness against it but not one Pastor/Minister joined us and others who had hoped to be there were likewise absent. We hope they all had very good reasons for their absence but we have yet to hear them and probably won’t as in our sad experience, few Christians ever put things right i.e by way of apology/explanation. Obviously, they do not deem us deserving of common courtesy!

The seven of us were confronted by a hostile crowd of perhaps 100 (difficult to be exact) and some seemed to be in a trance-like state as they swayed and gyrated to the voodoo-like sounds of a samba band. They were fanatically pro-abortion and demonstrated a callous disregard for the right to life of the unborn child, and a blood-lust for the killing of unborn children.

We had Bible signs and pro-life tracts, and some people did accept our literature. Towards the end of the rally, three of our number had to leave to catch the train/bus home, which left four of us. We decided to move across the road to face the opposition. They continued their rage against God and those “inconvenient” unborn children, but could not ignore the conscience-provoking, sharp, powerful Word of God, as it reminded them that the LORD hates  “hands that shed innocent blood…”

If abortion is legalised in Northern Ireland, how many Pastors/Ministers will be able to say they are blameless, because they did all in their power to stop it? We fear that, for far too many pastors, when it comes to the threat of legal abortion coming to NI, their attitude is “business as usual”, in their churches and ministries.

We conclude with the words of Pastor Robert McCurry of the Wake-Up Herald, who coined the phrase “business as usual”, and who ends his every edition with “Wake Up, Pastors, Wake Up, Christians!”

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