This Tops the Lot – Feminists now demand “Topless” rights!

Clothing is a feminist issue, as we know from their recent Slut marches and, for these women, less is really more i.e  less clothing equals more freedom! It should come as no surprise therefore, that the Women’s Liberation Movement (some of them at least), feel that ANY clothing above the waist is too restrictive and are now demanding the legal right to go TOPLESS!!!
Feminists, having abandoned all sense and wit and decorum, now say that laws and social stigmas against women going topless in public are unfair, and, in the US, the organisers of a “topless” parade, are seeking a Constitutional amendment declaring the practice of going topless legal.
In 2011 and 2012 (August), the town of Asheville, North Carolina, was subjected to a parade of topless women! One of the exhibitionists said, “I think it is important to empower women to be comfortable and safe being topless.”

Here is another example of the coarsening effect of feminism on society i.e when women embrace feminism, they often end up making disgusting fools of themselves. Are there no laws against such an indecent spectacle as a topless parade? If so, are they ever/never enforced? Those half-streakers should have been arrested en masse and kept in custody in cold cells. How many of them would still be shouting “topless rights” then? Foolish women one and all.

13 thoughts on “This Tops the Lot – Feminists now demand “Topless” rights!

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    • Hello, Jerrica. Thank you for the encouraging words and we’re glad you like our blog. To answer your question, WordPress host our blog free of charge. We simply selected the background theme. Hope this answers your question.

  2. I think it’s unfair that men are allowed to go topless and women aren’t. So, if you don’t like this sort of demand, but want equality, the only alternative is to forbid it for both.

  3. Susan… that ‘comment’ you just published from ‘Jerrica’ is actually a spam comment posed by comment-generators or most commonly people paid to post spammy comments on blogs. I have deleted a zillion worded exactly like that – they always ask if you have ‘customized’ the post. Be careful publishing them. Just sayin’…

    • Thank you for your concern, Wendy. By the way, I thought you wanted to have a debate with me yesterday, but you did not approach me and, as there were only seven of us in our Christian witness, four males and three females, I would not have been hard to find. I’m still waiting for the opportunity to debate you in public.

  4. Susan, I instead spent what was a lovely day taking my children walking in the Mournes – nice fresh air and quality family time. I spend enough time waving my flag on my website – personally I could not be bothered standing in a public place forcing my opinions on passersby. If you feel this is your mission in life then go right ahead…I would rather get out and enjoy nature than stand on a soap box, I have far better things to do in my spare time:)

  5. But good on you for going out and getting your message across…I do admire that sort of conviction in anyone regardless of what their message is. You chose to do what you did regardless of what others thought – and that is what I am all about. Freedom to choose the course of one’s own actions.

  6. Great demonstration of more feminazi desensitization of human sexuality. Hey, why not demand the legal right to go nude? The constant demand for “equality” never takes into consideration that not all things can be “equal” for everyone.

  7. I suggest to you Glenn that topless females are a far better sight to behold than topless males….or is that the basis of your problem?

  8. That’s fine Susan – I have always wondered though why christians find to be course the very functions that the female body was designed by their god to perform…..and which makes the female form so unique and beautiful. Man invented shame…don’t forget that.

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