Polygamy in the Old Testament

The architects of the house of cards that is the “gay” agenda often refer to polygamy in the Old Testament to support their view that marriage was not always defined as being contracted between one man and one woman. However, they have no foundation on which to build, not even something as flimsy as a house of cards!

Polygamy in the Old Testament involved one man marrying several or multiple wives, it did not include men marrying men nor vice versa, so even polygamy recognised that marriage was between opposite sexes,never same sex. When God created Adam, and saw that it was not good for him to be alone, He made ONE WOMAN for him, not two (or more) women and not another man (or more than one) man for him. The LORD clearly showed that, at the beginning, marriage as He intended it to be, was between one man and one woman and this cannot be emphasised enough these days.

God never commanded polygamy. He did, however, tolerate it,  and we do not claim to understand His sovereign purpose in this matter. However, in many cases, it brought grief and spiritual collapse. Consider Hannah, the mother of Samuel, the OT prophet. She was one of Elkanah’s two wives. The other wife, Peninnah, provoked her  and made her fret because she was childless whereas she, Peninnah, had many children. See 1 Samuel ch. 1 vs. 1-7.

Solomon with all his wisdom, sinned in that he took many wives. We read in 1 Kings ch. 11 vs. 3 & 4,  “And he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines: and his wives turned away his heart. For it came to pass, when Solomon was old, that his wives turned away his heart after other gods: and his heart was not perfect with the LORD his God, as was the heart of David his father.”

In Deuteronomy ch.17 v. 17, we read, “Neither shall he (the King) multiply wives to himself, that his heart turn not away….” This was written before Solomon was born.

Solomon penned the following words under inspiration of the Holy Spirit in Proverbs ch. 5 v. 18, “Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.”  So we may assume he saw the folly of polygamy.

In conclusion, we are told in Paul’s Epistle to Timothy that a bishop (elder) must be the husband of one wife, see  1 Timothy ch. 3 v. 2. There is no doubt that God’s original match was one man with one woman in an exclusive, faithful relationship and that is still  the template today, nothing else is real marriage.



2 thoughts on “Polygamy in the Old Testament

  1. For Pete’s sake Susan, do you not have a thought that is your own, and not derived from that silly book you people pay so much lip service to…?
    All life is inherently female – men were not created first, females were.
    Every form of life starts out as female. I bet you boycotted biology at school…
    But being a slave to the male heirarchy on this planet you would never allow yourself to believe fact.
    You should have lived 100 years ago when men told women what to do and what to say and women said ‘oh, okaaayyy’….
    You are quite young….I can tell, inexperienced. No mature woman would talk or think such rubbish. Then again…….
    Dont bother publishing this, just delete this…I know it will be more than you are capable of dealing with.

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