Feminism and Male Unemployment.

Has anyone noticed a link between feminism and male unemployment, because there is a link.Women are now increasingly occupying positions once filled by men and it is not unusual to go into a bank today and see an all-female staff in charge!
Employers are now forced to keep jobs open for women on maternity leave and often they cannot employ temporary staff to cover for the absent-on-maternity leave member, and this fact greatly increases the workload on the other staff and, of course, this has an effect on the customer who has to queue for longer for service. Of course, no-one is supposed to notice any of this, and any who do, and complain about the situation, are likely to be labelled as “sexist”.

Many women are in employment and they do not need to work, but because feminism has brainwashed society into looking down on the housewife and has described such as “parasitical”, fewer and fewer women have any desire to be “keepers at home.”

Young, unemployed men (and older men), now have to compete with women for jobs and, more often than not, women are hired because employers are afraid of being accused of “sexism” and taken to an industrial tribunal  which almost always upholds the woman’s accusation of “discrimination.”

It is time that selfish women who do not need to work, resigned from their positions, thereby enabling many unemployed men to enter the workforce once again. We understand that some women, because of financial distress, need to work, and,of course, we are not addressing such women in this post.

3 thoughts on “Feminism and Male Unemployment.

  1. What about men that don’t need to work? Those with family fortunes or whose wives make a comfortable enough living to support the family while the men go to menial jobs simply because they are not satisfied to stay home? Do they not take jobs away from those that need them?

  2. You say that women in work deny men the opportunity to work, but surely they all would go through the same application process. Anyway, if women did step down from their work, as you suggest, it doesn’t mean there will be a qualified man to take the vacancy.

  3. Rubbage Susan. Honestly, where on earth is your head at???
    so single women cannot work and are selfish if they do so, how do they live, how do they eat?
    Men have more right to jobs, to feed themselves, to buy a car, to afford a night out, to clothe themselves then…?
    And please detail who are these ‘selfish women’…?
    I am surprised you are not ‘keeping’ at home right now and staying in your place instead of writing all this junk on a blog…….you selfish woman – stay off the internet and make space for all the MEN who want the internet to themselves. What gives you the right to speak your mind….who gave you permission!
    Tell us….why do you hate women so much???

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