Feminazi’s can threaten and Police do nothing!

Following a visit to a Police station yesterday to report a virtual death threat from pro-abortion feminists, I was informed that the Police can do nothing, absolutely nothing! The feminists concerned used obscene, pornographic words, in addition to informing me that they would like to harm me (or worse)  AND  that one of them will be looking for me on 6th October (the day of their pro-abortion rally AND our Christian witness against it) but the police can do nothing!
We understood that there are laws against “hate speech” but obviously they don’t apply to offended Christians. We wonder what the Police response would have been if a homosexual had gone to them complaining about our blog, describing it as “homophobic.” Would the Police have responded with “there is nothing we can do?”

Should a lawyer or Police officer read this post, could they advise us further.

3 thoughts on “Feminazi’s can threaten and Police do nothing!

  1. Referring to feminists as “femi-Nazis” is offensive and says they are like Nazis, instead of women (and men) fighting to end century’s of male oppression of females.
    And your views are intolerant, so why are you surprised that people find it hard to tolerate you?

    • Hermione, would you be happier if we described feminists as “feminasties” ? Do we conclude that you agree with threatening those who do not agree with you because you have not condemned the use of threatening speech. We would appreciate some response as you do not, as a rule, respond to comments on your comments.

  2. Hermione,
    Feminists – i.e. REAL feminists – are those who sought equal rights for women; e.g. inheritance rights, voting rights, etc. Things that supported an protected women.

    Femi-nazis are those who promote abortion (which sure kills an awful lot of females!), “affirmative action” over merit, lesbianism, the “hook-up culture,” etc. And they are a very, very intolerant bunch, behaving as Nazi storm-troopers if you cross their paths. If it is offensive to those who fit the bill – tough. I find it offensive that they support the murder of the unborn as well as sexual immorality of all sorts.

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