The Jeffrey and Dennis Show featuring the TALIBAN!

Two Northern Ireland politicians, one Unionist and one Nationalist, recently travelled to Kabul in Afghanistan, as part of a UK-led initiative to advise the Afghan government on “peace talks.” The British government arranged and funded the visit. Messrs Haughey and Donaldson are involved in a newly-formed NGO called the Causeway Institute for Peace Building and Conflict Resolution. Yet another highfalutin appeasement quango!

The aim of this visit to Afghanistan on the part of Messrs Donaldson and Haughey is that, in sharing experiences of the Northern Ireland ” peace process”, the Taliban can be persuaded that a political solution is possible. We are to believe, of course, that the Taliban can be reasoned with and that they are desirous of peace and they simply need a “nudge” in the right direction to bring them in from the cold and seat them at a table for “peace talks.”

The much vaunted Northern Ireland “peace process” was nothing less than a surrender to terrorism and we can see why the Taliban might be interested in hearing what the two NI politicians have to say. Let us reflect for a moment on the activities of the Taliban and then we’ll have a better idea of the people who might end up as Government ministers in Afghanistan.

Since the invasion in 2001 and, as of 25th September, 2012, there have been 3,015 Coalition deaths, including 433 British soldiers (390 of this number were killed as a result of hostile action.)

In August this year, the Taliban murdered 17 people (including two women) at a wedding party, and after those brutal murders, they kidnapped and later beheaded a 12 year old boy.

In a separate incident, a 6 year old girl was beheaded. Police are not sure who killed her, it may have been her family or the Taliban, as they control the area where she was beheaded.

So the Taliban are interested in peace?!!!!


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