Chick-fil-A Labyrinth – Are they on or off the fence?

An update about Chick-fil-A is now essential because of the confusing and contradictory reports which we have read.

It now appears that they will continue to give donations to groups opposed to gay marriage!

However, this about-turn (if it is an about-turn) raises more questions than it answers and Chick-fil-A have not set the record straight regarding the twists and turns of this strange saga.

Did they meet with LGBT groups to find “common ground”?

In the light of Mr.Cathy’s recently stated Biblical views on marriage, it is disturbing and unsettling to think that such a meeting (s) took place  (if they did take place.)

We apologise if we have misrepresented Chick-fil-A in any way,  that was unintentional. We simply repeated reliable reports we had read on the Internet. However we have to say that we still don’t know the answer to the question about Chick-fil-A    i.e  have they capitulated in any way or not?

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