A Military Operation and a baby is born but Mama is SOLDIERING on!

A  British female soldier gave birth to a baby boy in Afghanistan this week.The baby was born five weeks prematurely to a woman who was unaware that she was expecting a baby. The Ministry of Defence were also unaware of her delicate condition because  “it is not military policy to allow servicewomen to deploy on operations if they are pregnant. ”
The fact that she was not sent back to the UK much earlier in her pregnancy says a lot about the observational powers of the military establishment and of the woman herself ! Surely someone noticed a heavily pregnant soldier, even though she was dressed in the uniform of a Royal Artillery Gunner.

As a Gunner, she helped provide covering fire for troops fighting insurgents. Why oh why do foolish, weak military men allow women to hazard their lives as soldiers. Soldiering is not for women and only feminists (male and female) think otherwise and those who do are not often found in the heat of battle, they are the “armchair Generals.” If  frontline combat roles are dangerous for women in general, how much more dangerous are they for pregnant women and their unborn children?
Apparently this is the first time a British soldier has given birth on the front line.

The British military are now thinking of introducing pregnancy tests for female soldiers  but they are not suggesting that women should not be in combat roles.

Brave men they may be, but they are afraid of feminists and especially afraid of the label “sexist” , so nothing will change, and the top brass will continue to assign women to war zones, and feel noble about doing so.

In conclusion, a word or two about morals.

The female soldier said that her baby was conceived before she arrived in Afghanistan in March. There was no mention of a husband, so she is probably unmarried. If she thinks it is her right to be sexually promiscuous at home, will she change her ways  when on duty, and how many more military men and women think like her and behave like her? Women in the Military has led to immorality and that is another argument against female soldiering.

How long before another Camp Bastion hears the “patter of tiny feet?”

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