The Capitulation of Chick-fil-A – NOT to be taken with a pinch of salt!

The restaurant chain Chick-fil-A have caved in under pressure from the “gay” lobby and have now decided that they will no longer give money to anti-gay organisations and, they have clarified in an internal document that the company will treat every person equally, regardless of sexual orientation. They also said that they will now leave discussion of same-sex marriage to politicians.

They didn’t hold out for very long, did they?
The bullies who intimidated them are The Civil Rights Agenda (TCRA), Illinois’ leading LGBT civil rights advocacy organisation. They worked with Chicago Alderman Moreno, and together they worked on Chick-fil-A until they made concessions. The Alderman would not allow the fast food chain to open stores in Chicago because of their public  opposition to same-sex marriage but now he will allow them to do so.

The LGBT/TCRA stated, “…it has taken months of discussion both with our organisation and the Alderman for Chick-fil-A to come forward with these concessions and we feel this is a strong step forward for Chick-fil-A and the LGBT community, although it is only a step.”

It seems that the fast food chain have been in discussion for months (see above), does this mean that Chick-fil-A were already discussing concessions to the gay lobby even as thousands of Americans supported their restaurants with their hard-earned dollars for their refusal to compromise and publicly support “gay” marriage?
In their appeasement document, Chick-fil-A used the words “sexual orientation” and,in so doing, they are assisting the homosexual lobby to draw attention away from their behaviour and lifestyle. They now believe that people are worthy of respect regardless of their behaviour and regardless of the threat posed to society by certain sexual behaviours.

The use of the words “civil rights” is a ploy and the gays have hijacked those words, again because they are desperate to shift the spotlight away from their sexual activity and,instead they want the public to speak of “gay rights” and “civil rights” in the same breath as if they are one and the same.

Chick-fil-A will soon discover that there is a price to pay for compromise because it has a very high price tag, and the loss of some customers is certain.However, when they see the consequences of their actions on society, and children ( as gays target children to recruit them), and the further curtailment of freedom of speech, leading ultimately to the silencing of all opposition, will they still think it was a price worth paying to enable them to open yet more stores in Chicago?

How many more will now go down the road to ruin, as Chick-fil-A have done?

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