Greater love hath no man than this…..(John 15 v 13)

Three men from one farming family in Northern Ireland lost their lives last weekend  in a tragic accident at their farm in Ballynahinch. Noel Spence and his two sons, Graham and Nevin, died after being overcome by fumes from a slurry tank.One of the men entered the tunnel to rescue the family dog, he was overcome by fumes, then another attempted to rescue him, and he was overcome, then a third man attempted a rescue and he was overcome. Finally, the farmer’s daughter went in and tried to help, but she was overcome ,but was miraculously revived, and she survived, but her father and brothers have gone. What indescribable loss and sorrow and what incredible courage and self-sacrificing love all involved exhibited.

Noel, the father, leaves a wife and two daughters, his son Graham leaves a wife and two children and Nevin, the youngest son was a promising rugby player, well-known in rugby circles.

The family’s church is Ballynahinch Baptist and the funeral for the father and sons will be held there today.The three men were Christians, and their grieving family circle are finding comfort in their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and in the knowledge that they will all be reunited one day in that land that is fairer than day.May the heartbroken Spence family know the comfort and strength that only God can give in this their darkest hour.

6 thoughts on “Greater love hath no man than this…..(John 15 v 13)

  1. So you praise three men killing themselves ultimately for trying to save a dog….? but you condemn a woman for having an abortion trying to save her sanity or own life?
    It is fine with you that those men died and were indirectly responsible for each other’s deaths, but a fetus must live despite everything…?

    You are one confused individual Susan…make up your mind. Is not ALL life sacred as you say, why dont you condemn these men for taking their own lives…? or is that okay with you…and if heaven is so wonderful to you christians, why then is it wrong to have an abortion and send a fetus to heaven?

    I would be surprised if you have the guts to publish this comment – you ignored my other comments and you don’t like being challenged…

    • wendy,
      You obviously didn’t read the post. They did NOT take their own lives. They did NOT kill themselves.
      I have looked at your blog and I think that people like you make feminists appear unhinged, intolerant individuals. Yes, I support abortion – in certain circumstances. I don’t try to force other people to agree with me and rant at them when they don’t. I don’t hand out death threats, either. They’re entitled to their own opinions. Unless said opinion is something that belongs in the dark ages.
      You and people like you aren’t helping win equal rights for women. Men would just look at you and say “that’s why we mustn’t allow women out of the kitchen”.

  2. Wendy,
    Only one man went in to save the dog and probably didn’t think he would be overcome by fumes. The other went in to save the humans. I guess you need to learn how to read and comprehend.

    On the other hand, women who abort intentionally go in to kill the unborn child. The fact that you support such a heinous thing demonstrates your character.

  3. Susan…do you have any other readers other than ‘Yuri’ (whose identity has me wondering…)…and the very boring and predictable Glenn…?
    Dont consider yourself a ‘real’ blogger until you are prepared to publish ALL the comments you receive and address them like-wise. Until then, you are speaking to nobody – except ‘Yuri’ (Susan…?) and – ahem – Glenn.
    What are you afraid of…

    • wendy,
      The first time I heard of Mrs. White was when I heard her on the radio. I’ve never seen her and I am NOT her.
      Are you trying to make it seem that everyone who disagrees with you is the same person?

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