The sad end of the US Ambassador (in 2012) and the anti-apartheid Amy Biehl (in 1993)

Last Tuesday, September 11th, the US Consulate in Benghazi was attacked by a mob and the American Ambassador, John Christopher Stevens, was killed along with three of his staff. The liberal PC media have to make excuses for such violent murderous behaviour on the part of Muslims as they cannot grasp the fact that Islam is a violent religion. So we are told that the attack was allegedly carried out because Muslim sensibilities were offended by the release of a film entitled, “The Innocence of Muslims”,  therefore we must not attach too much importance to the violence triggered by it.

Mr.Stevens supported Libya’s transition to “democracy” and, only two months ago, he sent an e-mail which included the words, ” It is great to be back in the “new Libya” as people are saying.”  Sadly, Mr.Stevens found that the new Libya was just as dangerous as the old Libya and, even though he had served the people of Libya selflessly, the mob who attacked the US Consulate did not consider it the residence of a friend. The fact that Mr.Stevens was killed on the anniversary of 9/11 is not without significance.

The circumstances of his death are similar to those surrounding the killing of an American anti-apartheid activist, Amy Biehl in South Africa on 25th August,1993. She was murdered by a black mob in Guguletu township, yet she was an opponent of apartheid, but that counted for nothing when she found her car surrounded by a racist black mob baying for white blood. She was seen as the enemy. Four of her killers were pardoned by the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 1998, so no justice there, and, her parents welcomed the release of the men who stoned and stabbed their daughter to death. It beggars belief !!

These two sad cases clearly show that well-meaning and sincere liberals can be the signers of their own death warrants when they champion the causes of those who have no tolerance for the tolerant.

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