The Hospital with Zero Tolerance for Anti-Abortion Views

Mr. Edward Atkinson is an 81 year old pro-life campaigner and, last week, he received a three month suspended jail term, his punishment for breaching an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) imposed in 2006, by sending graphic material about abortion to the new Chief Executive of King’s Lynn Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

In addition to the suspended jail term, his ASBO was extended until March 2017 and he was given a three month curfew.

He has breached the ASBO twice before and, whilst his actions may be unwise and counter-productive, there is no denying this elderly gentleman’s courage and his concern for the unborn child. After sentence was pronounced in his recent case, he responded with these words, “I am not going to stop until the scourge of abortion has been lifted from our law.”  A brave man indeed!  How many Evangelical Christian Pastors and Ministers have shown such courage? Very few ! Abortion is a modern-day holocaust, it is the slaughter of the innocents, and the driving force behind the horrific abortion industry is the ideology of the sexual revolution.

In conclusion, let us ponder the words of a spokesman for the above-mentioned Queen Elizabeth Hospital who said (speaking of the person who opened the envelope sent by Mr.Atkinson),  “No-one deserves to be on the receiving end of hate mail and we will always take any steps necessary to enforce the NHS policy of zero tolerance.” So there we have it, it is “hateful” to tell the truth about abortion and the NHS will not tolerate it, but it has no policy in place to protect the unborn child from the danger within its walls nor does it want to hear the “silent scream” of the unborn as he/she is cruelly killed. As the Bible says, “Ears have they but they hear not!”

PS  The source for most of the above info is EDP24.

4 thoughts on “The Hospital with Zero Tolerance for Anti-Abortion Views

  1. Just because this man’s actions suit your personal agenda doesn’t make it legal. What he did was against the law of the land. When the ‘Law of the Bible’ gets put on the statute books, let me know.

    • The Judeo-Christian worldview dominated the West for centuries.Judeo-Christianity formed a general cultural consensus, that is, there were absolute standards for moral behaviour. The Judeo-Christian worldview was based on the Ten Commandments which is “the law of the Bible”. Society has, by and large, rejected the law of God and replaced it with man-made laws. As far as today’s society is concerned, “there is no fear of God before their eyes.” Romans ch.3 v. 18

  2. Funny how Christians can be some of the most intolerant people around. Instead of spouting Bible quotes, can you back up your argument with some rational thoughts. Are you a member of the Extremist Wing of the Free Presbyterians?

    • We are not Free Presbyterians. We didn’t know they had an “extremist wing”, you must know something we don’t! You describe some Christians as “intolerant” and, yes, we are intolerant of evil and abortion is a moral evil.

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