“Rainbow Warrior” Nick tells a “white” lie!

This week Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK, showed a real talent for verbal gymnastics (but none for the physical variety, as he fell over himself trying to say he didn’t mean to say what he really believes.) He described those people opposed to “gay” marriage as “bigots” but he didn’t expect the public to discover he used “that” word. It is no surprise to us to discover his true thoughts about those who stand in the way of total sexual chaos, he is a left-winger after all.Why then did he not admit that he meant to use the word “bigots”?

It is because he (and others) are engaged in a campaign to hoodwink the public into thinking that “gay” marriage has nothing to do with sexual behaviour, it is simply an “equality” issue and the public are lulled into thinking that they are at liberty to disagree with Government policy on this matter,when,in actual fact,opposition  is discouraged and will soon be punished. In the very near future, there will be much harsher penalties applied to silence opposition and, to be called a “bigot” is only the beginning!

One thought on ““Rainbow Warrior” Nick tells a “white” lie!

  1. Didn’t Jesus tell us to ‘love one another’? Presumably this includes gay people. Turn the other cheek and stop worrying about others behaviour. Gay people aren’t harming you.

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