“Health Minister with decidedly unhealthy views on the terminally ill !

Prime Minister David Cameron had a Government reshuffle this week and one of his new apointees is Anna Soubry. She was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department of Health in London. Yet, within days of her appointment,The Times newspaper headline was startling, as it read, ” New Health Minister Supports Right to Die.”

She was interviewed by The Times and her views are as follows.

She said it was “appalling” that the terminally ill who needed help to end their lives had to go abroad. She also stated that laws governing how people could take their lives needed to “evolve” to allow people to die at home. However, she made clear her opposition to allowing doctors to end patients lives.

Who then does she have in mind who will “help” the terminally ill to die at home? Surely she means relatives. What if the terminally ill don’t want to be euthanised, will some relatives decide they should be, because they are a burden, and then cover up murder, by calling it a “mercy killing” and create the impression that the patient begged them to put an end to his/her intolerable suffering.

There is no denying that some afflicted individuals suffer greatly and, caring for such could be a burden, and such circumstances could overtake any one of us because we know not what shall be on the morrow. However, euthanasia is an evil, dangerous practice and we are all in danger if it is legalised. The Sovereign God of heaven decides the day of our death, not doctors and not relatives. The care of the terminally ill and others with terrible afflictions, such as permanent vegetative state and quadriplegia and MND  etc , should concern all true Christians, and where we know a need exists, we should endeavour to meet it, by offering practical and financial assistance to the afflicted individual and family lest people become desperate.

The new Health Minister is obviously a liberal when it comes to moral issues, and with her in such a position of authority is cause for alarm. She is a Barrister and a member of the Criminal Bar Association (how interesting, yet she is seeking to de-criminalise euthanasia AND she supports the legalisation of Cannabis.) In her personal life, she has two daughters and a “partner” (live-in boyfriend) who may or may not be the father of the two daughters. This comes as no surprise, as this lifestyle “goes with the territory” for liberals.

With Miss/Mrs.Soubry as Health Minister, the fate of the terminally ill may well become a matter of life or death!

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