Walking on Eggshells – Is someone trying to tell us something?

This afternoon (or last night or early this morning), we were visited by person or persons unknown, although we didn’t have the pleasure of meeting him/her/them. However, they wanted to make sure that we knew they had paid us a visit, so they left a calling card,which showed  an “artistic” flair i.e, smashed eggs on our door, our window and our wall.  The culprits might describe the scene as a “work of art” , except they didn’t obtain our permission to use our door etc as a canvas. Others will describe this act of vandalism as “anti-social behaviour”.

We did not see the person or persons responsible and the incident may be wanton vandalism and nothing more sinister, although it is still despicable.

However,this is not the first time that our property has been targeted (deliberately or otherwise). Four years ago, we returned home from a meeting we had organised which was addressed by a Christian doctor.  As we enjoyed a cup of tea and a bite to eat, we heard a dreadful thud at our front door. Someone had thrown a plastic bottle filled with water at the door and it seriously damaged the door window. We called the Police and they came but the criminal was never apprehended. The meeting was widely advertised and, although we cannot prove any connection between it and the act of vandalism, we have our suspicions. Two other strange incidents took place in subsequent years which brings us to today’s incident.

We started our blog in June and have also had letters in the paper and been heard on phone-in radio shows, and we know that many are hostile towards our views.  Is it possible that someone is trying to frighten us into silence? Perhaps not, but the incident has unnerved us and we have been to the Police and we may have to give more thought to our security because we are very vulnerable as we live on a main road and very close to the road. What perilous times we live in!!

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