Obamacares Little for Morality

This week saw the Democratic National Convention take place in Charlotte, North Carolina. This conference provided ample testimony to the fact that, where morals are concerned, the Democrats have few, if any! The following examples  surely prove our point.

One of  the speakers was Sandra Fluke, a Feminist activist and a law student at Georgetown University. She became famous (infamous), earlier this year when she complained that she was spending upwards of 1,000 dollars per year on contraceptives and she is campaigning with a view to forcing religious institutions to provide contraceptive coverage for her and her ilk. It is amazing that this woman has any time for studies with a contraceptive bill of 1,000 dollars as she is surely kept busy providing work for those working in the contraceptive industry!!

An American talk-show host described this woman in very unflattering terms because of her wild, promiscuous lifestyle and has since apologised, but our readers will know which word he used when we inform you that one of the most popular items being passed out at the Convention was buttons with the words, “Sluts Vote” written on them.

This calls to mind the global “Slut Walks” organised by feminists to punish a Canadian police officer who dared to say that dressing provocatively is unwise and could increase the risk of sexual assault. Feminists can always be relied upon to start at the bottom and go down!

The downward trend continued at this Convention when a Planned Parenthood – sponsored event, a party, took place at the Privilege Day Club and Night Club entitled, “Sex, Politics and Cocktails!”

We’ll let President Obama have the final word on amoral sexual conduct, personified by Miss Sandra Fluke. He phoned her when she was being vilified for her lifestyle (and her lifestyle IS reprehensible) and told her to tell her parents that they should be proud of her!!

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