Socialist Sinn Fein force “gay” marriage vote on Fermanagh District Council

Next Monday, 3rd September, there will be a full meeting of Fermanagh District Council, and, during the proceedings, Councillors will be asked to support “gay” marriage.The proposer of this motion is Miss/Mrs Debbie Coyle, a member of Sinn Fein, that Party of professional mischief-makers and her ignoble proposal asks that the Council ” supports the same rights and entitlements to civil marriages for all citizens of Fermanagh regardless of race, religion or sexuality.” 

It comes as no surprise that SF are agitating for this because they marched alongside those who go after “strange flesh” at the recent Belfast and Londonderry Gay Pride parades. It is SF’s intention to raise this matter at as many Councils as possible as they obviously thrive on the “oxygen of publicity.” They would have Northern Ireland (the North to them) follow Scotland and, soon, England into the abyss, from which there is no way out. These are the “progressive” policies of the Left and, if they realise their goals, we will have a “progressive” society for sure but waxing” progressively” worse and worse, we the people the authors of our own misfortune.

We urge local Evangelical Christians to attend this Council meeting on Monday night. You will not be permitted to speak but you will encourage Christian Councillors who will courageously oppose this wretched proposal.

8 thoughts on “Socialist Sinn Fein force “gay” marriage vote on Fermanagh District Council

  1. There’s really no point in having this discussion. We already have gay marriage – they’re called civil partnerships. So why bother giving it a different name?

  2. You are right, Hermione, civil partnerships are “gay” marriage in all but name. A case in point is the late singer, Stephen Gateley.Some elements in the media referred to his civil partner as Stephen’s “husband”. However, it is still important to oppose “gay” marriage because civil partnerships are not called “marriage” in law, yet, and this is one of the goals of the homosexual lobby.Both civil partnerships and “gay” marriage fundamentally alter the definition of marriage,so marriage can be anything one wants it to be,therefore we oppose both.

  3. I took time on Friday past to e.mail all the councillors on FDC except Sinn Fein
    on this vital matter. I have also been in touch with Cllr Harold McKee of Newry & Mourne who was planning DV to speak on the same topic in Newry tonight. Harold is a Christian who is unafraid to declare the truth of Scripture in the Council.

  4. Thankfully Fermanagh DC rejected the said SF motion when 9 unionist councillors
    opposed it and only 8 supported it. Such was an answer to prayer and we rejoice that a couple of councillors declared the Biblical way on Marriage.

  5. What’s wrong with gay marriage? Straight people can get married, why not gay people?
    Why not have equality for all?
    Live and let live.

    • Homosexual marriage is a contradiction in terms. Biblical marriage signifies two becoming one flesh, a man and a woman. Two men or two women cannot become one flesh. The push for “gay” marriage is a ploy on the part of the homosexual lobby to destroy Biblical, real marriage, by redefining it out of existence so marriage becomes anything you want it to be, therefore marriage as we know it disappears and a smorgasbord of relationships with any number of people takes its place.

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