U.S Senate vote legalises Bestiality in the Military – Another rung on the ladder!

Last year, a vote in the US Senate legalised bestiality! This is the inevitable,though no less shocking, result of the decriminalisation of homosexuality. 
Recently, in Northern Ireland, a courageous politician,Ken Maginnis, described homosexual practice as unnatural and deviant  and, of “gay” marriage ,he said, “it devalues the very word  marriage”,  and asked the question, “does that mean that every deviant practice has to be accommodated?”
Lord Maginnis (for he is a Peer of the Realm) was verbally attacked for his views. His own Party, the Ulster Unionists were terribly embarassed by his views and now, because of the fallout, he has resigned from the Party he was a member of for fifty years.
He spoke the truth when he called the gay lifestyle “deviant” and he was also right to state that their demand for gay marriage is a rung on a ladder, and the next rung could be the cry to legalise bestiality!

This has already happened in the US Military, it followed the end of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, and homosexuals in the Military are now open and brazen about their sexual practice. So one demand does follow another.  We want to commend Lord Maginnis for being courageous enough to state the truth and then refuse to back down.

Socially liberal in Politics he may be, but liberal on morals, he is not. We wish him well.

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