The Avant – Garde Restaurant With X – Rated Washrooms!

Emma Bricknell, originally from England, is the owner of two restaurants in Belfast, both called, “Made in Belfast.”She was recently in the news because she has received ten complaints objecting to the pornographic pictures/images with which she “plasters” the washrooms in her establishments.

On a separate matter, she has also received some less than favouable reviews of the food available in her restaurants.
Miss Bricknell is a woman on a mission and that mission is to remove the “shock factor” usually experienced when one is confronted with pornography.To achieve this despicable goal, she has gone for a full-scale attack (using full-frontal nudity).
To quote the woman herself, she stated that, “We’re not put on this earth to be disgusted by nudity.” So her mission is to help us overcome our embarassment at, and objections to, that which is obscene. This woman is every bit as disgusting as her pornographic pictures of men and women.
When accused of displaying obscene images in her restaurant, her response is predictable.  It is “Art”, and she describes her place as “Avant-Garde,” which means she is pushing the boundaries of what is accepted and acceptable. So, Miss Bricknell has an agenda, she is promoting the free-for-all, anything goes, amoral ideology of the sexual revolution. We hope that many people will boycott her restaurant. We go further and state that we hope that “Made in Belfast” will be closed down or that she will go out of business.

PS.  Some of her bathrooms have actually been X-rated by her, so surely she knows that she is causing offence. We heard of this matter via radio and news reports during which Miss Bricknell was interviewed. We have not visited her cafe, nor would we ,perish the thought!

6 thoughts on “The Avant – Garde Restaurant With X – Rated Washrooms!

  1. Have you been in? I have, there is no porn on the walls, just pictures from vogue. Your rant is full of narrow minded hatred, I could almost hear you scream this blog

    • Tbone,
      Having listened to Miss Bricknell on Sunday Sequence (Radio Ulster), and having read newspaper reports, we are in no doubt that she has pictures of naked men and women on display in her restaurant. She says so herself. Now, Tbone, you would no doubt argue for a “tolerant” society, but you cannot tolerate our views, and would accuse us of “hate-speech”.
      The Bible describes women like Miss Bricknell as “…silly women, laden with sins, led away with divers lusts…” 2 Timothy 3:6b.

  2. Did you hear the interview on Sunday AM with William Crawley? No comment from the DUP when Ronda Pailsey had the exhibition of nudes in Emer Gallery Belfast


    • Yes, we did hear the interview with Emma Bricknell on Sunday Sequence. We were very disappointed in the non-judgemental, softly-softly approach adopted by Prof.David McKay towards Emma Bricknell. Why was he so weak? She is displaying obscene pictures in her cafe and the Prof responds with “why”, and was taken up with the “context”. Is there ever a right “context” for the display of naked men and women? Also, the Professor cast doubt on Genesis, perhaps unintentionally, when he said (on the programme), “……go back to Genesis, whether you take that literally or not.” He also said, “….Adam and Eve,whether you take that literally or not.” What is he saying? We wonder ! Your comment about Rhonda Paisley comes as no surprise.

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