New Evangelicals – The Young (and not so young) Radicals!

The word “new” applied to anything usually means just that, but not in every case. In the 1950’s and 1960’s the phrase, “the new morality” was bandied about, and the impression given was that it still referred to “morality”. It also implied that nothing had really changed,  after all,  wasn’t  the word “morality” still retained?
In actual fact, everything had changed because the “new morality” was actually the old immorality, but with a new name.
Another example is the Family Planning Association which was originally called the “National Birth Control Council.” The new name gave it an air of respectability and a veneer of morality. Likewise, linking the words “sex” and “education” together made it much easier for sexual revolutionaries to promote their amoral agenda especially in schools, bastions of “education”.
What have “new” Evangelicals in common with the above. The answer should be “nothing” but sadly ,because of the great Christian compromise, some (perhaps many) Evangelical Christians believe children should receive sex education in schools and some “Christian” organisations have adopted a non-judgmental, non-directive “God loves you no matter what you do” approach to sexual immorality and abortion. Love for Life and Christian Action, Research and Education (CARE) are two such organisations.
This compromise can be explained by what is termed “new Evangelicalism” which is prevalent in most Churches today.The impression is given that nothing of substance has changed, they are simply “contextualising” the Gospel and making it more understandable to modern ears.However, the Gospel is offensive to sinful man and it cannot be made inoffensive and, if trendy new versions of the Bible are used and contemporary “Christian” music is introduced, and worldly fashions are preferred, and the services are more entertaining than confrontational, then they are not simply contextualising the Gospel, they are substituting it with messages that address the so-called “felt needs” of the unsaved  i.e  the need to be loved, the need to be accepted and the need to increase their “self-esteem”. In fact, new evangelicals often substitute the word “unsaved” with the word “unchurched”, the reason being that if people hear they are unsaved, they may be offended,  but then there is also the possibility that some might just respond with,”Sirs, what must I do to be saved? and surely that is our mission as Christians, to win souls.
We have noticed that many new evangelicals require a “dressing down” because they habitually “dress down”. It seems that a failure to hold the line on doctrine and the fundamentals of the faith eventually leads to a lowering of standards of dress.We have seen Pastors/Ministers and Deacons  wear clothing in God’s House that they would never wear to a wedding or funeral!  Further evidence of the world influencing the Church rather than the other way round.

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