Not so lovely Derry on the banks of the Foyle

A group of Evangelical Christians (approx 20), stood together in a public witness against the much-flaunted, and vaunted, (ad nauseum), homosexual lifestyle. Several Ministers/Pastors fearlessly preached the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, good news indeed, an antidote to the disturbing spectacle which assaulted our eyes and ears, and which is a harbinger of perilous times to come. We experienced the usual ,predictable reaction from some in the Pride parade and from some passers-by, and some car drivers, i.e  taunts and offensive words and gestures.One individual in the parade was particularly threatening and frightening. However, the Police presence ensured our safety and kept the situation under control ( as did the parade’s own stewards, which we must mention to be fair.)

The parade participants were quieter than usual this year, during the preaching of the Word of God
With regards to the numbers taking part in Foyle Pride, it is difficult to say, but perhaps 250-300 people would not be too far off the mark. Banners carried in the parade showed the presence and support of Sinn Fein, the Trades Union and the Socialist Workers Party (no surprise to see these groups joining with fellow agitators).

In conclusion, we wish to thank the Pastors and Ministers who organised the Christian witness, thereby showing the homosexual lobby that their true friends are not those marching alongside them but rather those who care enough to confront them (with the truth).

PS The title of this post refers to a song about Londonderry and some of the words are , “and they call it lovely Derry on the banks of the Foyle.” Our post explains our title.

4 thoughts on “Not so lovely Derry on the banks of the Foyle

  1. We did pray together as a family for you all at about 12pm this afternoon. The Lord bless his people who will stand against this wickedness in our day. Mark.

  2. I was not in that parade, but I was in the Belfast one, and I don’t see what all the fuss is about. If that sort of thing offends you, there’s a simple solution. Don’t go.

    • What about shoppers in Belfast who could not escape Belfast Pride.Surely some of them were offended by what they saw and heard, would your suggestion to such people be summed up in these words, “don’t go shopping, stay home!” As Christians, we are duty bound to oppose that which God says is sinful and destructive i.e the practice of homosexuality, and the Lord does not give us the option of silence nor of ignoring it ostrich-like, hoping it will go away, or at least have no effect on us or society. Incidentally, we have also opposed a vile feminist play and the vile book,”Fifty Shades of Grey” and we have also opposed political compromise, so we are not specifically targeting “gays”. However, they are specifically targeting Bible-believing Christians. We hope we have clearly explained our position, Hermione.

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