“Royal” Prince Harry sins in Sin City!

His Royal Highness Prince Harry has shown that he has more affinity with the gutter than with a palace. He is presently flying back to the UK after disgracing himself and his high station in life yet again. He lived in luxury in a hotel in Las Vegas (Sin City) during a holiday following the wretched Olympic Games. It was not enough for him to enjoy the splendour of his expensive suite, oh no, for Harry no holiday is complete without the company of “foolish women laden with sins.” He invited such to his suite, and, no doubt, amoral men just like himself, and he then engaged in “strip billiards” with a girl which ended with Harry and the woman prancing about in their “birthday suits”!!!!
Remember the same man at the Royal wedding, dressed in the uniform of an officer and a gentleman and think of his conduct in Las Vegas. Now, ponder this, which of the two events show him in his “true colours?”

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