More Hateful Lies about “Hate Crimes”

Homosexuals continue to hoodwink society about incidents of so-called “hate” crimes specifically targeting their community, as very often such reports are lies or involve self-inflicted violence. Consider the following cases in the USA.
A 33 year old Nebraska lesbian, Charlie Rogers, claimed three masked men forced their way into her home and assaulted her by carving words into her skin and then tried to set her home on fire.After  an investigation lasting nearly a month, Police say she made it all up. She has been arrested and faces a year in prison for lying.

Last October, in Parker, Colorado, two lesbians, Aimee Whitchurch,37, and Christel Conklin,29, accused unnamed neighbours of spray-painting “Kill the Gay” on their garage door and hanging a noose on their front door. Previously, there had been hostility between them and their neighbours over their dogs.The FBI and County Sheriff’s investigators said they had determined the lesbians were responsible for the paint and the noose.In May this year, Miss Conklin was taken into custody and Miss Whitchurch was expected to turn herself in to the Police.They both face 1000 dollars bail.

On 5th August this year, Joseph Baken of Montana, a homosexual, made up a story that he was lured outside a gay club and beaten up by three men. Police obtained videos which showed him doing a backflip then landing on his face thereby sustaining facial cuts. Mr.Baken was given a suspended sentence and fined 300 dollars.

In Connecticut, lesbian student, Alexandra Pennell,19, claimed anti-gay notes had been left in her room and this led to a rally against hate crimes. Police hid a camera outside her room and found that she planted the notes herself. She is now banned from State colleges for five years and is facing 25 charges.

The homosexual strategy book, “After the Ball”, suggests that gays are portrayed as victims, not aggressive challengers.In the cases outlined above, that suggestion was put into practice. We are pleased they did not succeed.

6 thoughts on “More Hateful Lies about “Hate Crimes”

  1. There is no denying that those people were wrong in what they did and deserve the full force of the law, but there is also no denying that such cases are only a small minority. Hate crime is very real, and by their actions these people and ones like them make it seem that the real cases are not real at all.

    • Yes, “hate crime” towards gays is real, but what about hate crime BY gays, towards other gays and towards normal people?

      • Yuri K,
        What cases are you talking about? I can’t think of one instance where a gay attacked someone who wasn’t gay (and I take offense to your calling hetrosexual people “normal” – you make it sound as if homosexuality isn’t normal), or where a gay attacked another gay. Could you please give me some examples if you want me to believe that – preferably examples in the UK/USA, and not Russia or wherever it is you happen to be from? Also, GENUINE examples, not ones you made up to justify your point of view?

    • Hermione,
      May we address the points you raise one by one.
      1. Homosexual behaviour is not normal, it is deviant.
      2. Homosexual activists attempted to murder Pastor Chuck Mcilhenny and his family in San Francisco in the 1980’s.
      3. In Uganda, David Kato, a homosexual activist, was murdered by another homosexual.

      • Hermione,
        mrandmrswhite have answered your questions. I wish to add one thing (well, two):
        1. You say I make it sound like homosexuality is not normal. It isn’t. If it was, and if it was natural, we would see homosexual animals as well as humans. Of course, there are no such things. So obviously, it is not normal.
        2. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not from Russia. I was born in the UK and moved to a country in Asia after finishing school. I changed my name to Yuri Kazeno because the people who lived there could not pronounce my birth name.

  2. Sorry for the mistake, Yuri. mrandmrswhite: You have only given one example for each case. Does that mean there are no others?

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